Live Review: Sorry – The Jericho Tavern, Oxford – 15/2/20

You’ll be sorry you missed this one

Ahead of their long anticipated debut album, London based indie-alt-punk-rock band ‘Sorry’ embark on a tour of the UK to further drive the hype.

Tonight finds them in the legendary and sacred ground of The Jericho Tavern in Oxford, having played host to some rather legendary names over the years, Glass Animals played some of their first gigs here and a little known band called Radiohead called this place home for a while, back in the day.

It’s quite impressive that a band that has only really released a handful of singles and some demo mixtapes in their 4 years of playing has gained as much hype so quickly. But as soon as you give even just one song a listen it’s easy to see why. They’ve quickly created a sound of their own that’s ever expanding and ever influenced from many parts of the music spectrum, heavy grunge, 60’s surfer blues, 70’s stadium piano ballads and the occasional hip-hop beat all neatly weave their way into Sorry’s sonic palette. 

Having toured with the likes of Shame and Fontaines DC, Sorry are certainly well within their comfort zone when they put on a show.

The first to hit the stage is alternative jazz-rock outfit ‘Thyrsis’ with half the band hailing from London and the others from Oxford this would easily be argued as a hometown gig.

High melody’s, ever changing chord progressions and some smooth bass work is the perfect way to get the atmosphere going. Playing with an impressive level of tightness and control, the band successfully wets the appetite of the audience, ready for more impressive musicianship.

Louis O’Bryen & Asha Lorenz/ James Pearson

The beats of album single ‘Right Round The Clock’ kick off the set as the band walk onto stage and as the heavy crash of the chorus hits the audience know that they’re in for a treat. In classic grunge fashion, lead singer Asha Lorenz stands firmly tall with her guitar swinging down and eyes to the floor, ripping out riff after riff, commanding the head swings of the audience. 

The setlist consists of familiar tracks from the singles and home mixtapes the band have released in the past few years that have helped gain a loyal and loving fanbase, and a mix of new cuts from the upcoming album, which if they are anything to go off, will definitely be one of the most exciting of the year already.

There’s a certain rawness to the sound of the band, you’ve heard the polished recording, now hear the songs in their true form. With dirty guitar, crashing drums and some live sampling thanks to friend and producer GG Skips (Glows) the edgy and intriguing fully come out in the mix. The slowed down and distorted ‘What a wonderful world’ intro was a personal highlight and showcased the bands ability to blend together influences from all aspects of music.

Leaving the music to speak for itself, except for the occasional ‘Thanks very much’ the bands 45 minute set speeds by and they finish on the grunge out, and fan favourite, ‘Lies’ to a heavy round of applause and head bangs. They leave the stage as they entered, quiet and subdued, for them this might have just been another gig, they don’t feel like the ‘Rock and Roll stars’ they describe in new single ‘Rock And Roll Star’ but for the audience this was something quite special, perhaps in a few years this could be one of those I was there moments, only time will tell. 

What we do know is that this band is going places and the hype for their debut album, released in March, has only intensified, well in Oxford at least.

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