Self Released – 2020

Shake off that second sweat and get ready to groove with one of the freshest new duo’s

Faux Real, the Franco-American avant-garde indie pop duo made up of brothers Elliot and Virgile Arndt have only been around a couple of years as a musical act, first starting in 2018. But in that small space of time have burst onto the underground scene and gained a loyal following with their high energy live performances, choreographed dance routines and unique take on what a pop song can be.

For a while the only content you could find from them online was one single and the accompanying music video. Wanting the studio release to be the first time you hear the music the duo copyright claimed any live videos until the accompanying single had been released. Now they have shared their first major piece of work, the Faux Real EP.

Whilst the majority of the EP was was written, produced and recorded by the duo there are a few familiar names that make an appearance. POND’s own Jay Watson offers some drumming and production on the tracks and bandmate James Ireland helped with the mixing.

‘Kindred Spirit’ slowly builds through layers of vocal harmonies, sharp synths and funky guitars to create a downright dirty groove that will have you on your feet, moving your hips and wanting to get down and party. It’s got fantastic production, every instrument and movement is clear and stands out, with nothing piling on too harshly.

‘Boss Sweet’ slows the pace down, with wailing synths blowing in and out of the track. A more romantic and soulful vocal performance that shows off the brothers impressive harmonies. There’s even a brief moment of auto-tune thrown in to spice up the vibe of the track.

The standout hit. The one we all know. The track that introduced many people to the Faux Real experience. ‘Second Sweat’ doesn’t waste a second drawing you in. It’s got it all. A groovy beat, flowing melodies, psychedelic guitars and chorus you’ll be singing for days. With lyrics about remembering a nightmare during the day, “Not a doubt, I’ll be fine, If I can just get out alive, Walk it off, Pack it in, To be fair this is a dream”. Its dark themes juxtapose perfectly with its upbeat groove. A true mastery in what a pop song should be.

‘Come Thru’ is the most melancholy track on the EP. Minor chords aplenty, it comes straight from an 80’s rom-com. With its repeating chorus of hope and longing “I know you always come through, because you always do”, building as if they’re singing to reassure themselves. The end breakdown also showcases some fantastic production with its augmented vocals and swooning synths.

Final track ‘Airplane Mode’ offers a slightly dirty groove than the rest through a deep electronic bass line that leads the track. It’s got some of the most psychedelic moments on the EP, with echoing vocals and glitchy guitars, offering a fresh direction with their sonic palette. There’s even some small hip-hop elements cropping up in the background with piano hit occasionally sliding in and out.

A long awaited full release for fans that does not disappoint in any way. Faux Real are the new fresh duo on the block with their unique take on avant-garde Indie pop. Whilst we’ve all got some time to ourselves there’s no better chance to have this on repeat and learn the accompanying dance routines.

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