Dan Snaith AKA Caribou AKA Daphni, surprised followers today by teasing the upcoming release of Floating Points remix of Never Come Back. He states:

“Sam @floatingpoints sent me this video at the beginning of March with the caption ‘Bass drum making my lights dim!’ Stay tuned tomorrow…”Caribou Instagram

Only a few moments later, I received an email stating that Caribou had two new releases on his Bandcamp. Caribou has released two new 12″ singles that comprise of two remixes from Floating Points, alongside another single of previously released remixes by Four Tet and Morgan Geist. These physical releases come after Caribou’s critically acclaimed LP from earlier this year Suddenly.

Suddenly by Caribou

Never Come Back was originally released in the depths of cold January. It is still yet to see its summer potential with its very vibrant feel good sound. The much anticipated world tour of the album has still yet to commence with the pandemic delaying all tour dates until later in the year.

Floating Point Remixes 12″ of Never Come Back
Four Tet and Morgan Geist’s remix 12″ of Never Come Back

To find out more about Caribou, listen to the new singles and buy the limited records, head to Caribou’s Bandcamp below.

Caribou’s Bandcamp

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