Introducing : Cloud Factory

Cloud Factory are the brand new post-punk/ garage band based in Toulouse, France, lead be lead singer Alice Cyprine. With Ben on bass, Bruno on drums, and Robin and Romain on guitar duties. Forming out of members of various other Toulouse based bands such as Cathedrale and Noir City they’ve created a sound that reminisces in old school lo-fi punk whilst keeping a modern feel with their fusion of electronic instrumentation. They’ve just released their debut EP ‘Cloud Factory #1′ on Howlin’ Banana Records, the Paris based label that hosts other France based garage/ indie big hitters such as Fontanarosa, eGg’s, Pop Crimes and Th Da Freak. We spoke to Alice, Robin and Romain about where the group began and whats to come in the world of Cloud Factory.

What drew each of you to music and how did you get into it?

Robin : I’ve always been into music, playing guitar alone until I had my first real band Cathedrale. Then I used to play with Alice at home, and we decided to start our band.

Alice : I started learning guitar on my own when I was in high school, and began to sing a bit later… For years, I just played folk music alone in my room. I had my first band really late and I still am kind of shitty when it comes to play with others. It’s really hard for me to stick to the song structures !

Romain : I have an older brother who used to listen to grunge and brit-pop bands when I was a kid, so it is safe to say I was drawn by this kind of sound pretty young. I started playing guitar and bass guitar in high school too, and joined my first band Maelstrom when I was in university.

Where did you meet and how did the group form?

Robin : We all knew each other because there is a prolific music scene in Toulouse, every member has or had another bands in the city. We are friends because of these, going at the same gigs and pubs.

Where does the band’s name come from?

Robin : It’s what’s inside your head after partying

Alice : It made me think of the big fire there was in the chemical plant of Lubrizol near Rouen.

How would you describe your sound?

Robin : It’s something between indie pop and something rawer like post punk music

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Alice : Broadcast, Protomartyr, Amyl & the sniffers, Automatic, Amber Arcades…

Robin : American, UK and Australian former and actual punk scene, bigger bands like Velvet Underground or Parquet Courts, many different things !

Romain : I would say 60’s psychedelic scene, some proto punk band like the Stooges and Television and 90’s alternative band like Sonic Youth and Radiohead.

If you could be support act for any artists who would it be and why?

Alice : Fontaines D.C because ​Grian Chatten is hot haha, or Kevin Morby for the same reason !

Robin : I don’t really know, there are so many possibilities’ haha !!! Le Villejuif Underground because I love their last songs and I’ve never seen them live ! Also, I’d like to play with The Stroppies or White Fence !

Romain : Idles, they seem cool and a bit crazy too and I really liked their gig at Lyon last year with Interpol.

Favourite concert you’ve been to?

Alice : I really couldn’t tell, there’s so many… But lately I would say Big Thief at the TINALS festival last year

Romain : The Hives at the Bikini, in Toulouse in 2013. It was absolutely nuts !

Robin : I remember the show of Cult Of Youth a few years ago. Since I saw a lot of bands playing live and performing great show such as Uranium Club for example.

Favourite show you’ve played?

Alice : We’ve only done one show so far… but it was fantastic, opening for Lumer at Le Ravelin in Toulouse

What will it be like playing that first show once shows are allowed again?

Robin : Probably it will be for the release party in Toulouse or Paris where our labels are. So I think it will be very exciting to play our music to the people that have already discovered it, and a big challenge to take up. That promises a great night !

Romain : I think there is so much frustration from playing our songs only in rehearsal for so long that the first show is gonna be a huge party.

Alice : I cannot predict how it will be but I can’t wait.

What’s the creative process behind a song?

Alice : It usually (maybe always when I think about it) starts with Robin’s guitar, and then we all kind of build something from it… It really depends now that we’re all creating together : at first I was singing and writing the lyrics just after Robin made the guitar, but now the others pick up really fast, and I usually get my ideas last !

Any future musical plans after the new EP?

Alice : We are planning to go back in studio as soon as we can to record some more songs, and would love to release something new. Also touring would be cool !

Robin : I’d like recording five or six new songs with Lo Spider and maybe release a compil gathering this first EP and the new ones in a vinyl.

Where would you like to be in a years time?

​Robin : I know where I don’t want to be, like in quarantine because of a virus, or somewhere even more unequal than today. I hope that in a years time people will be less jerk and more tolerant.

Alice : on tour !

If people want to find out more about you where should they go?

Robin : Come to Toulouse or come to see us playing and talk with us before or after the show !

Cloud Factory #1 EP is available now on all streaming services and limited cassettes are available to buy here.

Big thank you to Tom from Howlin’ Banana Records for help setting up the interview!

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