Introducing: Eva Davenport

Eva Davenport is the Boston based R&B singer making a big name for herself in the Massachusetts scene, thanks to her prolific high energy shows and deeply soulful music. She released her debut EP ‘Letters To Self’ in August of 2019 and has since been busy gaining a loyal fanbase that spans different continents. She’s now returned with her newest musical offering in the form of single ‘Trill’ which fuses elements of R&B, hip-hop and soul. We spoke to Eva about the release of the new single and what music means to her.

What drew you to music and how did you get into it?

My mom and dad love music and my mother sang all through out her pregnancy with me. My dad always says I was born singing and my mom tells the story of 3-year-old me jumping on stage to dance with the horn section at the reggae festival so often I feel like that little girl to this day. My family has always supported my passions! Music became serious for me at a young age. I started singing in elementary school chorus and asked for voice lessons for my birthday in 4th grade with the RI philharmonic. For years I did music summer camps, talent shows, competitions and voice lessons. In high school I joined a girl group that wrote and recorded original R&B/ pop/ gospel music and toured from the East to West coast. We performed mainly all over RI for non-profit and community events, even at prestigious events like the Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Golf Tournament 2012 & 2013. In 2014 I was accepted to Berklee with a talent scholarship and attended for 2 years making connections which led to working as a professional vocalist singing for over 15 different bands in Boston from 70’s funk & disco to rock n roll to top hits 50s – today to 90’s/ 200s R&B and more! I’ve truly enjoyed learning and performing so many different types of music and can appreciate and admire something in every genre. 

In 2017 I started a band and began booking gigs; branching off in 2018 to manage and book myself as a solo artist. Now I’m living that dream, working as a performing/ recording artist under Eva Davenport Music. It’s a happy challenge because although I’m wearing many hats I love every step of the journey and feel fulfilled to know the steps it took to get to inner-success. Every show and release is better than the last. And every year is more successful.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is soulful in every essence. Heavily R&B influenced and lyrically influential. I am inspired by the consciousness of India Arie, the honesty of Stevie Wonder, the rawness of Alicia Keys and the power and versatility of Beyonce. 

I love R&B, soul, funk, hip-hop, jazz, pop, blues, neo-soul, blues, musical theatre, classical, gospel and more!

What’s the creative process behind a song? Do you look for inspiration or do they just come to you?

My songwriting creative process is always initially writing to a beat, recording a melodic idea with lyrics OR writing down a simple idea to write about later. Inspiration comes by thinking positively and manifesting what I want! Attending events, supporting artists, watching new music videos and listening to conscious songs truly inspires me to create. Also being around amazing people. Healthy mind, soul and spirit. 

Who are some of your biggest influences?

My mom and dad! My auntie and gramma and entire family! My teachers in life and friends and guardians who have truly cared; Mrs. Chabot, Eleanor and Thawn, Papi Xampeux, Pauline, Sassy & Borderline, Mrs. Melchar, Amanda Shea, Mrs. Vince, and more. Local artists and groups who’ve truly inspired me, Red Shaydez, Oompa, Feel it Speak it, DJ WhySham X Brandie Blaze, Ava Sophia, Sam & DAP, The Jungle, Aaron King & BridgeSide Cypher, The LABS, and more! And global artists who inspire me; India Arie, Kehlani, Tamia, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Etta James, Wicked, Jojo, Lauryn Hill, SZA, HER, Summer Walker, Mary J Blidge, Erykah Badu, to name a few.

If you could be support act for any artists who would it be and why?

Beyonce, because if I could be supporting act for ANY artist I’m taking advantage of the biggest opportunity possible and she is one of my idols.

Favourite concert you’ve been to?

Oompa’s sold out release show at the Sinclair in Boston last year was my favorite! 1. Because it was INCREDIBLE. 2. Seeing an artist I knew do something THAT amazing as an independent artist confirmed possibilities are limitless. And 3. I had the honor of preforming a debut song on stage with Red Shaydez off her newest album ‘Feeling the Aura”

Favourite show you’ve played?

This is very hard but my favorite show has to be my self-produced EP Release Show at the Mad Music Mill in Dorchester on my birthday last summer. But singing ‘God Bless America’ at Fenway Park for the Red Sox vs. Yankee’s game in front of thousands of people last year definitely comes in close second!!

What will it be like playing that first show once shows are allowed again?

Magical! I was onstage 2-4 times a week before the pandemic so I will feel at home again and blessed!

Thankfully I was able to sing live last month for the first historical Juneteenth Celebration in Salem, MA. And have participated and curated online events i.e. (ARtz Online, Activating Artivism, Good Music Showcase, Mindful Women’s Tribe Block Party) during this time to raise money and awareness for supporting the arts, people of color and self-care.

Any future musical plans after the new single?

Absolutely! My year anniversary for the ‘Letter’s to Self’ EP is coming up next month so definitely be on the lookout for some dope visual releases by myself and my partner Papi Xampeux. ALSO new music off the soon to be announced project featuring ‘Trill’ is coming soon! Follow my SoundCloud and mailing list for information on special releases!

Where would you like to be in a years time?

A year from today I’d like to be traveling and performing worldwide. I’d like to know people from all over and share music with them! I’d love to travel to my fans in Saint Lucia and Belgium and put on shows with them! I want to have continued releasing music and products and collaborating with amazing people and artists and I will make all of this happen!

If people want to find out more about you where should they go? 

Thanks for asking and reading!! Love to all of you! Please follow me on social media for fun day to day updates -> | https://www.facebook/com/evadavenportmusic/ | 

You can find out the most about my music and subscribe to my fan email list on my website 

And click here for quick links to my music, videos, interviews, publications and more! 

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