Friends Of The Monday Table release debut single ‘Emily’s Imaginary Scales’

Electronic duo Friends Of The Monday Table have dropped their debut single ‘Emily’s Imaginary Scales’ on Kitchen Practice Records. The duo, made up of Lloyd Bolton and Alex Clarke, have previously released a re-working of John Phillips ‘Let It Bleed, Genevieve’ and now are back with their first piece of original material.

In a statement the duo said this about the single

“‘Emily’s Imaginary Scales’ is the first thing we demoed. Alex put on a drum part he had kicking about, I (Lloyd) came in with the lead melody and the track grew from there. We then streamlined and developed it and have now recorded it in lockdown, sending our parts to each other via email. The finished piece is a serene, nautical journey, underpinned with samples of Jacques Cousteau quotes (re-recorded for copyright reasons). The simple lead synth part running throughout gives it the feel of the more sedate, melodic songs of people like Harmonia and Kraftwerk and its saxophone part draws on Eno’s Discreet Music and more recent, organic ambient work by acts like one-four and Primitive Motion. The production renders the whole thing with a beautifully fragile balance, suggesting the nature of the coral reef ecosystems referenced in the samples throughout.”

Along with the 10 minute version the duo have also released a remix by Vimmspace and a condensed 4 and half minute edit.

For fans of Harmonia, Seefeel, one-four, Burial, Cluster, Susumu Yokota, Eno, Kraftwerk, Jon Hopkins, Primitive Motion, Alessandro Cortini, William Basinski, Glows, Circa 2000, Rabbit Island, Circular Keys.

Listen to the single below.

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