Phoebe Bridgers launches her own record label, Saddest Factory

Photo by Davis Bates

Phoebe Bridgers has announced the creation of her own record label, Saddest Factory, which is a play on the word satisfactory, in partnership with her current label Dead Oceans. The label will serve as a home to Bridgers’ own signings.

Saddest Factory will sign acts across genres, based on the most pure criteria, said Bridgers in an interview with Billboard: The quality of their songs, an obvious requirement but one that isn’t always given the same weight as an artist’s social media following, co-signs and other indicators of hype. “If I like it and I listen to it for pleasure, then other people will like it and listen to it for pleasure,” she says. “I don’t think I have any ethos other than, ‘Am I jealous?'”

Speaking about wether she would stop making music to focus on the label she said: “I haven’t felt this yet, but maybe at some point I’ll want to take a step back from the every two years album cycle and want to do other shit, like produce or just put out records,” she says. “Music is always going to be in the forefront of my brain. I just want to explore.”

Bridgers has already signed her first act, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

Read our review of Phoebe Bridgers latest album Punisher here.

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