Upcoming electronic artist Clifford aka David Tucker has announced his debut EP set to be released on February 12th via Relic Records. This is the second release from the Midlands based record label, following on from Soba’s And Then They Run. Available to pre-order here now.

Speaking on the EP Clifford said: “On this four track piece, New Turf, I seek to establish the variety of soundscapes that coexist within my artistry. From the get go, Pastures is a sun-blazed song propelled by syncopated hi-hats and a rolling bass-line. It is hard to listen to the track without thinking of blue skies. On the B-Side, Sunken Souls continues to extend these vivid soundscapes. Sandpaper Dub and No Contact are both experiments that seemed to develop further than their simple origins. They represent a desire for difference, inspired by the contemporary.

Enjoy the New Turf.”

Artwork by Stephen Deehan (@stephndn)

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