DEWEY releases new single “In Basque Country”, announces new EP

DEWEY has shared new single “In Basque Country”, the first track from her upcoming EP, Sóller, Pt. 2. This follows on from last years Sóller Pt.1 which we listed as part of our Best EP’s of the Year list. Also revisit our interview with DEWEY here to learn about the creation and influence behind the EP’s.

The new single carries DEWEY’s signature ethereal touch throughout. Through glistening synthesisers and dazzling vocal harmonies DEWEY evokes a deep sense of lust for the idea of someone. With a mystifying chorus line that moves in similar fashion to that of Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraser, and a second half dark switch up, the melodies that are layered within will be swirling around your head all week.

Speaking on the new single DEWEY said:

“The single is a musing on the duality of life, and the highs and lows that we endure. I was yearning to be under a big sky surrounded by ancient olive groves and lemon trees, but I would look out my window to a grey, rainy English day. After my friend tragically took her own life I felt overwhelmed with so many questions of morality, and I desperately wanted to be held in a place of warmth and presence one more time.”

DEWEY’s ‘Sóller’ EP tells, in two distinct parts, an extraordinary story of love and loss – of sickness and recovery – from the Brighton-based artist. Co-produced alongside Dan Carey (Fontaines D.C, Bat For Lashes, Black Midi), ‘Pt. 1’ set the sensual allure of the natural world (the project takes its name from its nomadic creation in Mallorca) against an obsession for the wrong (straight) woman: the giddy dance-rush of ‘Is It Infatuation?’ in particular saw DEWEY take her place among the new wave of artists writing the kind of openly-queer heartbreak-bangers they longed to hear, growing up…

‘Sóller, Pt. 2’, meanwhile, embraces the fallout, but also the transformation that can occur within such darkness. During the making of the project, DEWEY was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer (she can be seen clutching her abdomen in the video for ‘Savannah’, and was rushed to hospital the next day to receive her diagnosis). And whilst the songs on ‘Pt. 2’ sometimes soundtrack disillusionment, there is – too – a renewed sense of possibility: to dream ‘In Basque Country’ once more, and to surrender yourself to the ux but also the freedoms of being alive today.

Listen to the new track below.

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