Nudista share new single “Confess”

Photo by Maite de Orbe

London based indie-pop duo nudista have today shared tender and sweet new single “Confess” released via Sad Club Records. Made up of Robbie Carman on guitar and Pilar Matji Cabello on vocals, “confess” sees the duo paint a blissful soundscape that sails along dreamy guitar lines and comforting drum beats.

Written as the pandemic began last year, Pilar reflects on the single:

I was coming to terms with life in all its mundanity: working, paying rent, surviving the city, etc and the slow acknowledgement that predictions for life in mid-20s were inaccurate. ‘confess’ is about coming to terms with that process and, eventually, being okay with it – sitting in that feeling, it’s sad but it’s all good.”

Pilar and Robbie’s musical odyssey started when they met at university in London, since both had musical backgrounds, a fruitful creative partnership developed smoothly. Pilar’s musical ABC’s were learned singing in choirs as a child and were further developed when she picked up a guitar in her teens and taught herself how to play. Before the formation of nudista, Robbie had been in and out of various bands from his teens, all the way through university, which has undoubtedly contributed to the band’s eclectic range of styles. They bonded over a mutual love of Yo La Tengo, Phoebe Bridgers and Neil Young and out of this connection, nudista was formed. Pilar grew up in Spain, but was drawn to London by the gig circuit and burgeoning DIY scene. “I have always loved English bands and folk music. I particularly felt that making music was, for me, something very private and couldn’t be shared, I especially didn’t have any women making music around me who I could relate to and share the experience with.”

Listen to the new single below!

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