Body Breaks announce debut album, share new single

Photo by Natalie Logan

Body Breaks, the Montreal and Toronto based microtonal rock duo of Matt LeGroulx and Julie Reich have announced their debut album Bad Trouble, set to be released on June 18th via We Are Time, available to pre-order here. They have also shared their debut single “Between The Heart And Mind” along with an accompanying music video directed by Natalie Logan.

The DIY duo who have previously worked on projects like Bile Sister, EXPWY, and Galaxius Mons have developed idiosyncratic approaches to bedroom recording that culminate on their collaborative debut. LeGroulx composed the music for Bad Trouble, recording guitar, bass, and drums in tunings that stand in stark contrast to traditional Western consonance. Reich completed their songs with her spellbinding vocals, weaving vulnerable themes of aging as a woman and artist, environmental devastation, and feeling like an outsider in her own generation.

Speaking on the new single Julie Reich reflected:

 “I wrote that song after I caught someone cheating on me and eventually came to forgiveness. When you’re trying to make sense of something hard, you’ve got your feelings and your rationale. You need to use both, and somewhere in the middle you find peace.”


  1. Between The Heart and the Mind
  2. Work For The Man
  3. Reality
  4. Bad Trouble
  5. Anthem For The Artists
  6. Generation Y
  7. Eyes To Brightness
  8. Break the Icons Down

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