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heka shares new single “(a) dab”

Multidisciplinary artist heka has shared her latest single “(a) dab”, which is the second single from her forthcoming EP (a) which is set to be released on May 19th via Balloon Machine Records.

The new single builds through slow passages of distorted samples and echoing sounds until heka’s gentle plucked guitar taps in. Her vocal performance is emotive and vibrant whilst keeping in line with heka’s usual flairs of subtlety. It’s easy to get lost in this dreamy and intimate single on a rainy day, gazing out as the layers build and fall just like the rain outside.

Raised in the Italian hills but now residing in London, Francesca Brierley aka heka seeks to explore the connection between sound, space and memory by assembling recordings from different time zones and different eras to produce a compelling composite. Sharing a similarly haunting feel to its predecessor, heka’s flair for integrating found sound with her experimental folk comes to the fore here along with a grotesque lyrical quality.

Speaking on the track heka says:

“Sometimes being in love can feel like being on drugs. There is a similar kind of influence that we willingly, and then inevitably, accept to be under; where we choose to give ourselves up.
 “I guess there is a desire, in a sense, to be weak and vulnerable, and sometimes the wrong person can take advantage of that. This is what this song means to me.”

Listen to the new single below!


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