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Subculture shares new single “Tornados” featuring Hak Baker

Photo by Harvey Williams-Fairley

Subculture has today shared new single “Tornados”, featuring Hak Baker. This is the first single from the UK Producer’s new EP ACiiiD DRIPPED FLYING BUTT€R GUNS set to be released on June 25th via Twisted Hearts Records. Over woozy beats and lo-fi guitars Subculture creates the type of soundscapes that are best appreciated late at night on the train home. As Baker’s vocals crash in the song transitions to invoke that sense of blissful melancholy that can be found with the likes of Gorrillaz.

Speaking on the new single Subculture said:

“Passing a year of living in lockdown, I began to notice the four walls confining me paled in significance to the universe I’d visit every night after dark. ‘Tornados’ is about the fantastical wonders and places we journey to every night when we go to sleep. I brought in my good friend and incredible artist Hak Baker to help me get there. Sonically I wanted the world to feel colourful and magical – like a John Lennon record but produced in 2021” 

Listen to the new single below!


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