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The Early Mornings release new single “Days Spent”

Photo by Through The Eyes Of Ruby

The Early Mornings have today shared “Days Spent” the second single from their upcoming debut Unnecessary Creation, set to be released on June 18th. This follows on from “Blank Sky” that was released last month.

Frantic riffs, a driving beat and subtly furious vocal deliveries sees the band showcase a more intense side to their sound. It’s janky, funky and melancholic all within it’s sharp three and a half minute run time, surprising you at every turn.

Speaking on the video for the new single the band said:

“Our previous videos were shot over several weeks in dozens of locations, so we wanted to keep this one simple. There’s no concept or elaboration – just us in a room playing. I like to see what a band looks like playing live when I first hear them – so here we are.”

Listen to the new single below!


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