Lazarus Kane share new single “Milk At My Door”, announce debut EP

Photo by Seren Carys

Lazarus Kane have shared new single “Milk At My Door” and announced their debut EP Psychobabble, set to be released on September 10th via So Young Records, pre-order here.

The new single offers a more art-pop side to the bands ecclectic sound, think Squid but happier. It’s easy to become lost in the infatuating groove and clear cut guitars as they jive on past each other. Lazarus Kane have evolved to become more than just the alter-ego of frontman Ben Jakes, rather becoming something more expansive.

“It felt disingenuous to continue the character with the current state of the world”  says Jakes about the new EP. “Instead, I wanted to really hold a mirror to the often darkly comedic and surreal ways in which we deal with difficult situations, especially within our often extremely comfortable, materially focused and self-absorbed lives”.


1. Milk At My Door
2. Whole Foods
3. Williston, ND
4. mps

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