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Maple Glider shares new single “Friend”

Photo by Bridgette Winten

Maple Glider aka Tori Zietsch has today shared “Friend”, the final single from her upcoming debut album To Enjoy Is The Only Thing along with an accompanying music video. Pre-order here.

Following on from the line of singles released ahead of the album, Zietsch’s intimate sound only gets grander on “Friend”. Her hushed vocals and floating guitar lines float by as if gliding on a cloud of Zietch’s natural warmth. She finds beauty in the balance of life.

“I am quickly blending into all of my fear and doubt.” Zietsch adds, “This song is for an old, good friend. In some ways it feels like one of the most personal songs on the album. I knew I wanted to write it for a long time, before I finally did. It’s a reflection of some of my experience in the music industry from the age of sixteen or so, before Maple Glider existed, and the story of a friendship intertwined inside of each of our shiny music dreams. It was turbulent and unbalanced, and we both became a little undone within it. A lot of hurt and healing came to the surface after years of close collaboration, and ‘Friend’ is the result of that.”

Watch the new video below!


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