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Sunken release new single “Show Me Your Mind”

London-based 5 piece Sunken have released new single “Show Me Your Mind” and announced their signing to 7476 (Matt Maltese, Matilda Mann, Lizzie Reid).

There’s an underlying sinisterness to the bands new track that only gets darker as it progresses. With an almost disco-like groove the band create a soundscape that is both funky and uneasy at the same time. It’s only towards the final breakdown of crumbling synths and lead singer Poppy Billingham’s cries that you feel the true catharsis that the band evoke.

Speaking about the new track the band said:

“Show me your mind is about the subtleties of how someone presents themselves to you. It’s easy to know someone on a surface level basis but the more you get to know someone the more your perception of them changes. The subtleties could be anything from how they might change their persona based on who they’re around or being more expressive and opinionated with ease. Sometimes we can get to know someone and how they think about things, and it can either pull you closer to them or make you realise you don’t click”.

Listen to the new single below!


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