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Katie Wood shares new single “Enemies to Lovers”

Goth-pop artist Katie Wood has today shared new single “Enemies To Lovers”. The new single also comes alongside the announcement that Wood has signed to Disobedient Records.

To the new track sees Wood evoking 80’s pop and new-wave nostalgia as she sings of complicated love. Through sparkling synthesisers and empowered vocals Wood sounds utterly infectious. You’ll be sure to hear this one in the soundtrack of an indie love story film.

Speaking on her inspiration from cult television series Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Wood commented

“I saw a resemblance in relationships I’ve had to Buffy and Spike’s. Their love is complicated, and it’s never easy. There is undeniable chemistry that I wanted to capture in the music. By no means am I romanticising the violence in their relationship, however, there’s just something about them together. When it’s good, it’s hot!”

Listen to the new single below!


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