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Al Matcott shares new single “Justine”

Photo by Rick Clifford

Australian songwriter Al Matcott has shared new single “Justine“. The track follows his recent debut single “Mediocre” and is taken from his upcoming EP You Can Be Anyone, out August 6th via Al’s own imprint Skip Hero Records.

There’s an odd captivation to Matcott’s sound, bordering on the fine line of effortlessly cool and becoming a full blown rager. His vocal style may resemble that of Kurt Vile’s B’lieve I’m Going Down days, but there’s something else to Matcott’s sound that you can’t escape from. It’s as though he’s telling you a tale round a campfire, backed by a swathe of grunge filled and almost euphoric instrumentation.

Speaking about the single Matcott says,

“Justine’s about the titular character from the Marquis de Sade’s novel. I finished reading it when I was feeling burnt out on tour in Adelaide. The whole book is her being mistreated by the world and (spoiler alert) it doesn’t end well. I imagined a different ending where she unleashed righteous vengeance on the world. It felt pretty metal.  

Listen to the new single below!


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