Bleach lab share new single “Real Thing”

Bleach Lab have shared new single “Real Thing”, their first single since their A Calm Sense Of Surrounding EP released earlier in the year.

Atmospheric guitars and vocals fuelled by nostalgia, Bleach Lab feel ultimately captivating. With a newfound sense of hope they become deeply uplifting as they feel confident in love. As the song progresses you can’t help but become lost in the memories and future nostalgia that Bleach Lab create.

Speaking on the track, vocalist Jenna Kyle explains:

“Real thing is about wanting to find a more meaningful and lasting connection with someone. I had been processing a lot of issues over the last couple of years to do with previous relationships and personal development, and I had finally reached a place where I felt I was in the right state of mind to be open to looking for something new. It is a lot about finding a healthy relationship that is beneficial for those involved. Knocking down the walls you built and putting trust in someone else, for the first time in a long time.”

Listen to the new single below!

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