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Listen to “Human Behaviour” by Low Hummer

Photo by Shoot J Moore

Hull based six-piece Low Hummer have shared new single “Human Behaviour“, the second preview of their much anticipated debut album Modern Tricks For Living due September 17th via Dance To The Radio records. Pre-order here.

Glistening synthesisers and grinding guitars soundtracks the mellow vocals of lead-singer Aimee Duncan as she battles with the complexities of youth and longing in love. “Cheek to cheek / Hand in hand / In loving sorrow / This ageing shadow / I don’t know enough to be young” she sings as the vocals swirl in glorifying layers of despair and beauty. Low Hummer are at the beginning of soundtracking a generation.

Dan Mawer on ‘Human Behaviour’:

“I’m always conscious that at its most basic level, songs can be a diary entry, and often be a reflection of who a person is long after they’re gone. My unhealthy obsession with death made me write a song as if I’d passed away, but still had the chance to tell my loved ones to carry on and live life to the full.I imagined the feeling of being able to lie with someone you miss one last time, and thankfully wrote the chorus in half an hour. The rest of the lyrics came together thanks to lots of cutting and pasting newspaper clippings together until they fit the rest of the song.”

Listen to the new single below!


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