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Hovvdy share two new singles “Junior Day League” and “Around Again”

Photo by Adam Alonzo

Austin, Texas-based duo Hovvdy have today shared two new singles “Junior Day League” and “Around Again” alongside accompanying music videos directed by Hayden Hubner and Adam Alonzo respectively. The new singles follow on from “True Love”, the title track from their upcoming album True Love, set to be released on October 1st via Grand Jury.

Hovvdy continue the build up to their upcoming album with two slices of lo-fi pie. The simplicity of the sound that they capture is their greatest asset. Like a mid-summers sun, the warmness of the tracks radiates at every corner with flashes of nostalgia shining through the slow passing clouds. These tracks are best in enjoyed in moments of quiet contemplation, allowing you to embrace the beauty of the world around you.

Of the tracks Will Taylor says

Around Again lyrically shifts between big reflections and small memories. The simplicity of the music and words really helped define this song for me. I’m thankful to have had help from Charlie and Andrew expanding and finishing it.

Junior Day League is about being in a daze on a fast day in a new town. Falling enamored with the people you’re with and the setting you’re in. Letting things move around you, rather than trying to control them.

Listen to the new singles below!


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