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Mrley releases debut single “My Side Of London”

Photo by Amy Peskett

Mrley, the pseudonym of 23 year-old Marley Rutherford, today shares his debut single, “My Side Of London“. Growing up in South-East London, Rutherford’s debut single is a testament to his home ground.

The track is raw in both its aesthetics and vocals. Rutherford makes a declaration of passion for the streets he grew up on, “They wish they were from my side of London / That’s why the speak like my side of London” he proclaims as he addresses gentrification and prioritisation of street culture. Backed by a potent motion of grunge heavy guitars, Mrley fuses together elements of punk and rap to create a sound that bursts with untampered energy.

Speaking on the track and video Mrley said:

“The internet and social media means people are no longer glancing at life through the lens their environment provides. It’s now fashionable to be “struggling”, you have kids raised in Kensington running around pretending to be kids from Kennington.

It’s progress that people of all backgrounds are being brought together through the love of art but I think it’s important to let the people whose profits are thriving from street culture know that “I’m not your something, your something to play with”.”

Listen to the new single below!


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