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Boyscouts shares new single “Didn’t I”

Photo by Tonje Thilesen

Boyscouts the songwriting project of Taylor Vick has shared new single “Didn’t I”, the second single from upcoming album Wayfinder, coming on October 1st. Pre-order here. This follows on from “That’s Life Honey” released earlier in the year. The new single also comes accompanied with a music video directed by Lucy Sandler.

Vick questions the world on “Didn’t I”, moments great and small. “I don’t have the answer / I have memories” she says in her opening statement as she tries to find her own way in the world. But for all her contemplation she can never reach a conclusion, “Maybe things are all they seem / Maybe we’re living in someones bad dream”. There’s a brush of suffering and serenity washed over this track. It sways like a boat out at sea, drifting further and further from an answer; yet always shining with natural caustic beauty.

Speaking on the new track Vick said:

“Why are we alive? Is there a point to any of this? Have I done this before? I was thinking about these questions like that, just playing with these ideas and being curious. I lost that curiosity for many years, and it came back to me in the last year. I started to wonder about these types of things again. It feels better to have curiosity for life.”

Listen to the new single below!


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