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ĠENN release new single “Catalyst”

Photo by Holly Whittaker

Brighton-based 4-piece ĠENN have released new single “Catalyst”, their first new music since releasing their Liminal EP earlier in the year. The new single also comes alongside a new live version of previously released “Feel”.

Acting as an anthem for political awareness, “Catalyst” sees the band combine classic punk motions with an undying groove. The repeated phrase of “Stay awake” displays the bands urgency for recognition. You can hear the full blown emotion in vocalist Leona Farrugia’s despairing vocals. A call to arms for change.

Speaking about the new single vocalist Leona Farrugia said:

“The word ‘revolution’ has often been used in more grand ways throughout collective history, but ‘Catalyst’ started as more of a personal rediscovery, realising that everyday is a ‘work in progress’ in order to wake up from the coma of tradition.”

“In previous years, I understood the importance of moving forwards, doing my best to cast off the shackles of the past. In this sense, the song acts as a way to remember that change starts from within.”

Listen to the new single below!


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