Sister Lucy shares debut single “Dream”

Sister Lucy aka Abi Sinclair has today shared her debut single “Dream”, the first from her upcoming EP set to be released later in the year. The South-London based singer-songwriter is also known for her video and photography collaborations with the likes of Semi Precious, Krush Puppies, Hussy, Thallo, Bat and Ball and OiVa Voi.

On her debut single Sister Lucy evokes the likes of early Angel Olsen and soccer mommy through her underlying grunge aesthetics and slow-chugging chord progressions. Her insecurities surround her, “I only wanted to be wanted, to be good enough”, feeling as though she can never quite be the person she’s supposed to be. “You still dream, when i’m here” she declares on the chorus and it’s this devastating line of realisation that makes Sister Lucy’s debut single so captivating. What a way to mark your debut.

Listen to the new single below!

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