Mumble Tide have shared new single “On My Deathbed There’s a Full Page (You Don’t Get To Read It)“, the latest from their upcoming mini-album Everything Ugly, set to be released on December 3rd. This follows on from previously released singles “Breakfast” and “Sucker“.

Captivating and transportive is the sound that Mumble Tide capture on the new single. With elements of dream-pop soundscapes and jangle-pop guitars, they continue to exist within their own magical space. The band lyrically find themselves enchanted in another space however, one of love in fantasy. “Not sure I really wanna know / What you’re scheming” sings Gina as the song opens, trying to convince herself that the love is real. Mumble Tide are seriously one of the most captivating up and coming bands at the moment and it’s hard not to fall in love with everything they create.

Speaking on the track Gina said:

“I wrote this song a while ago, it’s one about reflecting on years of unrequited love- about the light that can shine out of a void…. texting someone late at night who you know is bad for you”.

“It’s about how chasing something that isn’t real requires creativity and resilience, but also ignorance. It’s one of our more poppy, youthful tracks but there’s a healthy dose of cynicism and confidence in there that I guess comes with age. We went through a lot of different versions with this one and nearly gave up on it many times, but we kept coming back to it and finally things fell into place.” 

Listen to the new single below!

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