Witch Fever share new single “In Birth”

Witch Fever have shared new single “In Birth“, the latest single from their debut EP Reincarnate, set to be released on October 29th. The new track follows on from previously released “Reincarnate” and “In The Resurrect“.

Witch Fever continue to intoxicate on the new single through chugging sabbath-worthy riffs and propelling drums. They address the torment of patriarchal structures and the predatory behaviour that is born out of them with an eye to the wind. “You praised me / Undressed me / Telling me I was your wet dream” remarks singer Amy on the chorus, before declaring that she’ll “Eat you alive / Tear your bones head to toe just to see what’s inside”. They’re here to tear the establishment down and they’re doing it in explosive style.

Speaking on the new single singer Amy Walpole:

“‘In Birth’ has been kicking around for a little while now, so it’s nice to finally exorcise it into the world. Whilst the theme of a lot of our songs is reclamation, empowerment and catharsis, it’s definitely far more vulnerable. It felt right to juxtapose this with big chuggy riffs and noisy, cymbal heavy drums. The power that Alisha, Alex and Annabelle create on this track accompanies the anger in my lyrics perfectly.”

She continues, “We created and directed the video with Sam O’Leary and it’s a tongue in cheek way of presenting the narrative. We wanted something camp and fun, but still powerful and angry. Plus, everything’s better with a bucket of fake blood!”

Listen to the new single below!

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