Photo by Eva Pental

TV Priest have shared “Lifesize“, their first new single since the release of debut album Uppers. The new single will be available as a 7″ single as part of Sub-Pop’s Singles Club Vol.6 which has previously included John Waters, Jeff Tweedy, Duma, LIDS, Washed Out, Hand Habits, BNH Deluxe, Porridge Radio, Sheltered Workshop Singers, and more. Join the club here.

Drinkwater and Co. continue to tell tales of disillusion through their vibrant and ever captivating storytelling backed by searing guitars and an undying groove. The disdain that Drinkwater sings towards the stereotypical idea of man is intoxicating in its ugliness. “Justice is cruelty in another language / And wisdom is fear” he sings as the guitars wail and you can’t help cling onto every syllable as he preaches of much needed understanding.

Speaking on the track frontman Charlie Drinkwater said:

“‘Lifesize’ is about the worship of the ‘strong man’ image often present in our political and cultural discourse. One where the patriarchal underpinnings of our society and political structure goes unchallenged. After a particularly grueling year, when people have looked to leaders for strength, we’ve found instead empty gestures and contempt. (‘Talk like a salesman, walks like the Pope.’) We don’t need more macho bravado; society needs empathy and compassion.”

Listen to the new single below!

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