Kills Birds have shared “Glisten”, the second single from their upcoming sophomore album Married. The single also comes alongside a visualiser Edited by Matthew Ryan Ford from “Rabbit” video outtakes.

Opening with a bass line that could have been plucked straight from the Twin Peaks soundtrack, “Glisten” washes over you like a wave of self-doubt. Singing of deceit and lies, they perfectly capture the agony and anger found when someone you trust abuses their power. You can hear the discourse in vocalist Nina Ljeti’s vocals as she cries “Why don’t you love me!”, the chorus crashing down with a brutal and yet enchanting punch. You become lost in the soundscape one moment and begin head-banging the next.

Vocalist Nina Ljeti says of this single, 

“This song is about loving the wrong people. It was written after I experienced a profound betrayal, at the hands of a person who was unable to take accountability for their actions. The lyrics in the chorus (why don’t you love me) are directed at the person in question. In retrospect, they’re also questions I need to ask myself.”

Listen to the new single below!

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