Chartreuse release new single “Feed Be Fed”

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

Chartreuse, the Birmingham-based 4 piece have shared “Feed Be Fed”, the latest single from their upcoming EP Is It Autumn Already?, out November 19th. Pre-order here. This follows on from “Things Are Changing Too Quickly” and “Only You” released earlier in the year.

There’s so much underlying melancholy within this track that it’s only on repeat listens that you realise how many layers there are to peel back. As lead singer Hattie Wilson delicately rolls her melodies over the shifting guitar patterns and rolling beats, you once again fall into the haze of wonder that Chartreuse so elegantly ignite on each track. “I waist no time with reflection / I gather the years gone by” she sings in contemplation of the years lost to unnecessary illness, but she doesn’t resent these moments, rather use them as a way to see a brighter future. The songwriting craftsmanship that Chartreuse display once again is awe inspiring in every aspect.

Vocalist Hattie Wilson explains the track:

“Feed Be Fed is about being stuck in a cycle and the idea that just because something is convenient doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. 

I’d been on the contraceptive pill for a few years and became aware I was experiencing it’s side effects on my mental health, which seem to be widely pushed under the rug. I knew something was up and tried to speak to my nurse about how I was feeling which just resulted in frustration, the view was that it couldn’t possibly be the pill making me feel unwell, so I researched it online and spoke to friends & realised my experience wasn’t rare. It still took me years to come off it as I’d gotten used to feeling the way I did. 

When I finally did come off it I wrote the line ‘Feed Be Fed, Be Hungry’ in my phone notes which is where it stayed for a few weeks. Then when I was ready I sat down one afternoon and the rest just flowed. We then all worked on it and arranged it but it took a while to get right and really settle on the best way to serve the song. 

It was born out of frustration that I wouldn’t get that time back but is full of hope and relief that I felt like me again.”

Listen to the new single below!

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