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Tonstartssbandht share new single “Pass Away”

Photo by Andy White

Brothers Andy & Edwin White aka Tonstartssbandht have shared “Pass Away“, the second single from upcoming album Petunia, out October 22nd via Mexican Summer. This follows on from “What Has Happened” released last month.

The harmonies and intertwining melodies of the brothers’ music continues to flow within a space of its own. A silver sheen glosses over the top of each element of this track, allowing each element to feel as smooth as the last; nothing overpowering rather riding together in a wave of pure bliss. Each passage of the track shifts into the next seamlessly, as if you are continually entering a new realm of sound in each moment.

They have also shared a self-recorded video edited by Adrian Randall.”Long time music video enjoyer, first time mimer. Miming is pretty hard! Respect to all the mimes. We shot this one day in September 2021 in NYC.” says Andy White of the video.

Listen to the new single below!


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