Bambara announced mini LP ‘Love Is On My Mind’

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

Bambara have today announced a new mini album Love Is On My Mind, set to be released on February 25th 2022 via Wharf Cat Records. Pre-order here.

They have also shared western post-punk driven lead single “Mythic Love” which features Bria Salmena (Orville Peck/Frigs) and Drew Citron (Public Practice). It’s a love ballad with a killer punch, making you want to mosh and slow dance at the same time. Surely that could become a thing?

In ‘Mythic Love’ we see the two protagonists of the record meet for the first time.” Reid Bateh explains. “There’s an immediate attraction that seems almost out of their control. The song is about riding that first manic wave of infatuation wherever it leads, dismantling all of your previous associations with love along the way.

Listen to the new single below!


1. Slither In The Rain
2. Mythic Love
3. Birds
4. Point and Shoot
5. Feel Like a Funeral
6. Little Wars

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