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Ellie Bleach shares new single “Doing Really Well Thanks”

Photo by Brennan Bucannan

Ellie Bleach has today released “Doing Really Well Thanks“, her first single of the year following on from 2020’s “I Thought I Saw You Last Night”. This is also Bleach’s first single to be released via London-based label Sad Club Records.

Bleach perfectly ties together her songwriting wit with her pop-ballad sensibilities on the new track. Allowing the Elton John honky-tonk style beat and melody to drive the track along, she details the struggle of trying to find yourself in a new surrounding whilst being surrounded by people who only want to use you. “Please don’t ask me how I am / I think you knew the answer when you went to kiss my hand” she sings on the chorus line, her sarcasm ringing through with an eye roll strongly inferred. There’s a subtle darkness to Bleach’s sound that adds that extra layer of mystery, staying allusive even when at the forefront. Bleach has embraced the full band feeling and is sounding as powerful as ever because of it.

Speaking on the track Bleach said:

It’s set in the period when I returned to my parents’ suburban home for a few months and felt totally lost. I used to liken the process of finding a job to dating, you’re essentially tricking someone into wanting you, presenting a version of yourself that doesn’t exist and hoping they don’t see through your facade.”

“The reality of being a cold-hearted girlboss type is a lot more depressing than you’d think. Literally everyone is winging it.”

Listen to the new single below!


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