Photo by Jack Moran

Australian psych-rock four piece The Lazy Eyes have announced their debut album Songbook, set to be released early 2022 and shared new single “Fuzz Jam”, the first single from the album. Listening to it feels like a journey through various depths of your psyche, each becoming more enchanting and elaborate as you go deeper. It’s as though the effects boards of King Gizzard had and Tame Impala had a love child. The new album follows on from EP1 and EP2, released in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Speaking about the new single vocalist Harvey Geraghty said:

“I wrote ‘Fuzz Jam’ to use this instrument that Itay bought live. It’s this Hohner Pianet T, and we really wanted a harder track to play on it.”

Listen to the new single below!

A press release said of the new album:

SongBook is strange like that – all journey and all destination, a decidedly modern marvel of psych-rock that’s unpretentious in construction but precious where it counts. Since their undeniable breakthrough in 2020, The Lazy Eyes have become emblematic torchbearers of the next generation of Australia’s psych-rock scene, their reputation and talent spreading like word of mouth wildfire across projects, EP1 and EP2, include the hits ‘Where’s My Brain???’ and ‘Cheesy Love Song’.”


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