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TV Room releases debut single “Balcony”

Photo by Syd Parsons

TV Room the moniker of Deep Tan drummer Lucy Rushton has shared her debut single “Balcony” via Sad Club Records.

Rushton’s first track as TV Room combines hints of funk, folk and indie rock into one big helping of a tender tune. Hidden underneath the light, swinging melody of the track there’s a heartfelt undertone that showcases not only Rushton’s lyrical wit but brandishes her as a voice for the heartbroken. “Time is against me / I didn’t deal with myself before you / It was the hardest choice to make” she sings in a secondhand letter to a relationship that’s now passed. There’s so much depth to her songwriting that you have to have this track on repeat to try and unravel it all.

Speaking about the track Rushton said:

songwriting to me is basically like therapy, in that it’s where I put all of the feelings that I struggle saying out loud. ‘Balcony’ is me sort of singing into the void, and processing and working through my feelings by myself and with myself, as opposed to placing that onto someone else in person.”

Listen to the new single below!


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