Photo by Josh Drew

LA-based four piece GOON have today shared “Garden of our Neighbour“, the latest single from their upcoming two-part EP Paint By Numbers, set to be released on February 25th. The title of the new single was also used by the band as an acronym for the bands name for a secret show last year.

The rich sonic textures of “Garden Of Our Neighbour” are one of its greatest assets. Swirling synthesisers and hypnotic guitar lines allow you to become lost in the soundscape they create. Fusing elements of slow core, shoegaze, vaporwave, field recordings and psychedelia, GOON create a memory evoking and transportive three and a half minute trip through their colourful and ever-shifting world. 

Kenny Becker of GOON said about the track:

it’s like our version of “Black Sabbath” by Black Sabbath, or “Minor Threat” by Minor Threat, “Meat Puppets” by Meat Puppets, “Bad Company” by Bad Company. I wrote and recorded this song entirely in one night. I met up with our drummer, Andy at our rehearsal spot that day, recorded him drumming along to a simple midi chord progression, had the chords on a loop, and record him drumming into the Tascam 5 minutes at a time…..I got really excited by the idea of having strong contrast between intimate small vocals and massive synths and drums. Vocally, I was really going for a Sparklehorse vibe: up close, super dry, not double-tracked. Not something I’ve really tried much before, but I love how it came out”

Listen to the new single below!


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