Photo by Caspar Swindells

Moreish Idols, the London-based five piece have announced “Float“, their debut EP set to be released on August 12th via Speedy Wunderground. Pre-order here. The announcement comes alongside the release of new single hyper-saxophone driven single “Hangar” which follows on from “Speedboat” released earlier in the year.

Listen to the new single below!

Speaking about the EP Jude Lilley said:

“The most exciting thing for us as a band is capturing our performances live, which something Speedy is renowned for. Everything you hear in the EP is us in the room working together as unit – apart from Dyl who recorded his take across the whole EP in one! There’s something really cool about listening back to the takes and realising ‘this is what the room sounded like 5 minutes ago… and that’s us making the noise’. To us “Float” is a collage, and a demonstration of the band putting everything in the mixer and seeing what comes out (lyrics included) and it’s exactly what Dan heard before getting us involved with the label.”


1. Hangar
2. W.A.M.
3. When The River Runs Dry
4. Speedboat


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