Pianos become The Teeth announce new album ‘Drift’, share lead single

Photo by Micah Wood

Baltimore/ D.C. post-hardcore group Pianos Become The Teeth have announced Drift, set to be released on August 26th via Epitaph. This is their first album in four years since 2018’s Wait For Love. Pre-order here.

A press release said about the album:

There is a sense of mystique and familiarity on the album, assisted by producer Kevin Bernsten (Integrity, Pig Destroyer) who recorded their first two projects over a decade ago. Bernsten’s history with the band allowed him to push them toward the future without abandoning their past. Kyle Durfey reflects, “Kevin knows who we used to be and he knows who we are now and he was really down to experiment and try anything in the studio to see how it would work.”

The band have also shared “Genevieve”, the first single from the album which sees the band lean into a more angular and atmospheric sound, similar to 2014’s Keep You which was the bands first transition away from screamo and into post-hardcore.

Listen to the new single below!


Drift Tracklist:

Out of Sight 
The Tricks 
The Days 
Hate Chase 


Black Country, New Road – Chaos Space Marine Single Review

After their Mercury Prize nominated debut For the First Time, Black Country, New Road have announced their second album, Ants From Up There, set to release 4th February 2022. With this announcement the genre-blending seven-piece have released the album’s first single, entitled Chaos Space Marine.

Black Country, New Road offer up their shortest track to date, structurally reminiscent of a pop song yet laden with jolting violins and abrupt drum beats that are trademark to the band’s sound. This is the most anthemic track the band have released so far, something out of their usual musical realm. The verses are backed by peppy piano that segues into a chanted, sing-along chorus that is inescapably catchy. The track travels with an anticipatory rhythm that builds beautifully into a slowed down outro, showcasing the band’s ability to retain effortless harmony with each other’s instruments.

Lyrically, the song maps out a journey of uncertainty, with lead singer Isaac Wood often contradicting himself throughout the track. However, there is one thing for certain – Wood’s belief that this “is the best song the band have ever written“. Black Country, New Road prove on “Chaos Space Marine” that they can condense their sound without compromising it; there is no shortage of sonic experimentation and fervent lyrical performance, all squeezed into a digestible 3 minutes and 36 seconds.

Listen to the new single below!


Billie Flynn releases new single “Someones Daughter”

Billie Flynn has shared new single “Someones Daughter”. This follows on from her debut single “Hey Stranger“. The Cornish singer-songwriter is the latest signing to Gabrielle Aplin’s Never Fade Records.

Flynn’s voice has that subtle magic to it that makes you feel like you’re floating along a cloud, Flynn as your glider. A wash of ethereality is painted all over this track and its hard to not find yourself becoming lost in its subtle melodies and gentle rhythms. Flynn showcases once again that she’s got a fruitful career ahead of her.

Speaking about the track she said:

“This was a big song for me when writing it, it felt like a real release. I was struggling at the time and I just had the thought that, if nothing else, I will always be a daughter, and that’s an important thing to be.” 

Listen to the new single below!

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