Tonstartssbandht announce new album ‘Petunia’, share new single

Photo by Andy White

Tonstartssbandht the musical due of brothers Edwin and Andy White have today announced their 18th album Petunia, set to be released on October 22nd via Mexican Summer. Pre-order here. They have also shared lead single “What Has Happened” alongside an accompanying music video directed by Case Mahan.

A press release about the album said:

Where most Tonstartssbandht albums come together slowly over years, recorded on the fly whenever the Whites have a few spare moments on the road, Petunia was largely written and recorded in their home city of Orlando in 2020. Many of the tracks had been played live, but in extremely rough form, and hadn’t yet developed into any kind of mature stage. With plenty of time on their hands thanks to the lockdown, and no shows to play, Andy and Edwin decided to pack some flesh onto those skeletons and bring them to life on their own. Petunia is the first Tonstartssbandht album to be created in a sustained manner and in a consistent environment, written and recorded in a single place over a focused period of time. 

As a result, Petunia feels like a unified aesthetic statement. Using little more than a 12-string guitar and a drum kit, Andy and Edwin weave together the gentle headiness of Laurel Canyon and the sweaty pacing of Cologne; like a gyroscope, its constant motion produces the illusion of stillness—and that stillness gives it a sense of intimacy and introspection, something that’s further illuminated by the new emphasis placed on the brothers’ vocals. Taking cues from The Zombies and the falsetto-feathered singing of ’70s funk and reggae, Andy and Edwin stitch their voices together so easily, and with such generosity, it’s virtually impossible to see the seams. 

Listen to the new single below!

Petunia Tracklist

1.Pass Away

2. Hey Bad

3. What Has Happened

4. Falloff

5. Magic Pig

6. All Of My Children

7. Smilehenge