Sun Spot Release New Video ‘n-Body’

Photo by Harry Steel

Bristolian dream-pop duo Sun Spot share terrifying visions of life turned upside down in a new video for “n-Body” directed by Harry Steel.

Formed in 2018, the group returned this year with their latest foray into dark and
experimental indietronica in the form of a new EP; Clipping, released via Rosecoloured Records on the 3rd of September.

Filmed in Bristol’s Upside Down House, the video is a stylish visualization of the new single thanks to director Harry Steel (Haunted Mattress, Muskets, Heriot) and long-time collaborator and A/V wizard Jack Sargent (Sargeshoots, Adoring).

When asked about the ‘n-Body’ video frontman Will said:“We had the best time making this happen! We love working with Harry Steel and we’ve been lucky enough to have him provide several visuals for ‘Clipping’ so it felt like he really understood what we and the record are all about. Himself and Sarge (Sargeshoots) were a literal dream team and that, with an actual upside-down house to run wild in made for a very good and very weird time. I don’t know what to tell you -everything’s upside down!”

Check out the music video below!


Grandmas House are Bristol’s newest powerhouse of punk

Holy shit. That’s your initial reaction to hearing Grandma’s House for the first time. And every time after that. The Bristol based, surf-wave infused queer punk outfit have some of the hottest riffs coming out of the South West right now.

Made up of Yasmin Berndt (vocals, guitar), Poppy Dodgson (vocals, drums) and Zoë Zinsmeister (bass) this three piece delivers punchy, chaotic and unforgiving tracks that are as ferocious as they are introspective. Having played most of Bristols renowned venues such as The Louisiana, Rough Trade, Exchange, The Old England and appearing alongside big names like Stef Chura, Frankie Cosmos and Rita Lynch, they have secured themselves as a force to be reckoned with already. Yesterday they released “Small Talk”, a furiously raucous track that relishes the small talk of entitled men at the bar (Available to buy as a 2-track cassette here). We caught up with the band to get to know the people behind this new powerhouse of punk.

How did the group form?

We all met at uni, and Poppy persuaded Yas and Zoe to move to Bristol. We started playing all together and then finally braved our first gig and the rest is HISTORY. 

Is there a story behind the name “Grandmas House” ?

We spent so long trying to think of a name – to the point where we were just shouting random things we could see like”lamppost” or “foot”, and our old bassist has a tattoo of her grandmas house on her arm! As soon as we said it out loud we knew it was the one, it encapsulates the homely vibe that we want people to feel with us perfectly. 

How would you describe your sound? 

We would describe our sound as loud, sweaty, fast and punky! 

What was the inspiration behind “Always Happy” ? ‘

Always Happy’ is a song we wrote about the social anxiety we all experience in some way or another particularly concerning social media. It’s a kind of sarcastic take on how you can easily convey a certain vibe that might not necessarily be the truth. 

What’s the creative process behind a song?

 A lot of the time we just jam and an entire song flows out of us, lyrics and all! Other times we will have lyrics that we know we want to use, or a lil instrumental that we wanna incorporate and it just goes from there. 

Who are some of your biggest influences? 

Some of our biggest influences are The Slits, Sleater Kinney, L7 and X-Ray Spex. We also LOVE Courtney Barnett, Nova Twins and Idles at the moment. I think we constantly get influenced by all kinds of genres though, which inspires our music a lot. 

If you could be a support act for any artists who would it be and why?

 Miley Cyrus!! She’s been going for a more rock n roll and punky vibe and we love it – think we’d be an amazing match tbh 

Favourite concert you’ve been to?

 We saw Shame and Fontaines DC at SWX a while ago and it was amazing!! Real sweaty and frantic, just how we like it. 

Favourite show you’ve played?

 One of our favourite ever shows so far was at The Lanes in Bristol, and was actually a socially distanced seated gig! It was our first headline show and the energy in the room was electric – everyone was proper jumping in their seats. 

What will it be like playing that first show once shows are allowed again?

 Incredible. Life-changing. Unforgettable. We’re going to be absolutely buzzing to be back on stage and I think people coming to see us will feel the same. Everyone’s just gonna go MAD.

Any future musical plans after the new single? 

Yesss we’re working on an EP at the moment so that’s very exciting indeed. We’re going to make lots of visuals for it too so lots of fun things to look forward to.

Where would you like to be in a years time musically? 

I think our sound is constantly developing so we’re just excited to keep working on new stuff and just see what happens innit! We love all genres of music so we love bringing in various aspect of each genre into our own music. 

What’s a cool fact about you that people might not know? 

We adopted two guinea pigs during the first lockdown and we are absolutely OBSESSED with them. They’re called Joan (Jett) and Bean and they are the cutest little ladies in town.