Soba announce debut EP ‘And Then They Run’

Soba have announced their debut EP And Then They Run set to be released on the newly formed Relic Records. The duo consisting of DJ Custard and Joe Marsh of The Worst Guys have joined to create the new electronic outfit Soba. Here’s what the description says about the release:

‘And Then They Run’ is the result of a 3 year project starting back in November 2017. The collection of tracks is a direct product of the sounds that have been absorbed throughout the time of Soba’s existence. This five track EP now acts as an introduction to the vast and deep sounds that Soba have created throughout this duration. 

Throughout the EP, the variation of genre and sounds is the evidence of influence that Soba have taken from their environment. On ‘Valhalla’, enormous synthesiser melodies are swamped by the dark and twisted voices of those that have preceded us. Whilst on ‘Final Breaths’, the movement of air exceeds thumping kicks that propel the movement across the piece. The use of synthesisation and recordings accumulate the warmth and serenity of music that give Soba the ability to produce evocative dance music embedded within reality. 

A summation of underground sounds from the likes of Four Tet, Daniel Avery and Mall Grab; whilst combining their unique perception of ambiance allows Soba to excel to heights and sounds that master the excellence of dance music. In between the addictive rhythms and melodies, there is meaning and warmth that only exists within natural forms.

And Then They Run is available to pre-order here.


  1. I Am Losing My Voice
  2. Untitled
  3. Valhalla
  4. Hel
  5. Final Breaths