Art Moore shares debut single “Snowy”, sign to ANTI-Records

Photo by Ulysses Ortega

Art Moore, a project formed of Taylor Vick aka Boy Scouts and Ezra Furman collaborators Sam Durkes and Trevor Brooks, have today shared their debut single “Snowy” and announced their signing to ANTI-Records.

It’s clear to see that this is a match made in dream-pop heaven. As Vick’s soothing voice and introspective lyrics glide over the silky synthesisers, you can feel yourself becoming lost in the world this new project have created. It’s exciting to see this trio use their powers to create something so vibrant and emotive.

Listen to the new single below!

Speaking on how they met the band said:

“We all met up at the studio, and it was never even like, ‘Let’s be a band’, that was never a thing,” recalls Durkes. “It was more like, ‘Let’s write for movies and art projects’ — let’s think of a movie scene or a photograph or still image and see if we can write some shit around it to see if we can pitch it.”

Launder shares two new singles, announces debut album

Photo by Cameron McCool

Launder aka John Cudlip has announced his debut album Happening, set to be released on July 15th via Ghostly International, pre-order here. Alongside the announcement he has released “Chipper” and “Unwound”, the first two singles from the album which were both co-written by DIIV‘s Zachary Cole and Colin Caulfield.

The first tastes of Launder’s debut offers up two breezy and intoxicating soundscapes that engulf you in their bliss. With “Unwound” swallowing you in its grunge-infused, riff driven melody and “Chipper” engulfing you in the shimmer soundscapes of its glittery guitars, you feel yourself floating away on a cloud of sound created by Cudlip and co. The tranquillity of the sounds is juxtaposed devastatingly with Cudlip’s devastating lyrics that contemplate addiction struggles, “I’m half asleep, quickly fading, From your street, into the pavement” he sings on “Unwound”, bringing a whole new side to the dreaminess that’s created; quickly turning into a nightmare.

Listen to the new singles below!


3.Blue Collar
4.On a Wire
5.Become (feat. Soko)
10.Harbour Mouth
12. Parking Lot


Beach House share Chapter 2 of upcoming album ‘Once Twice Melody’

Photo by David Belisle

Beach House have today shared Chapter 2 of upcoming album Once Twice Melody. The album is being released in four chapters with the full album being released on February 18th via Bella Union / Sub Pop. Pre-order here.

They have also released accompanying lyric visualisers for the four new tracks, watch below:

Chapter 1 (10th November 2021)

1. Once Twice Melody

2. Superstar

3. Pink Funeral

4. Through Me

Chapter 2 (8th December 2021)

5. Runaway

6. ESP

7. New Romance

8. Over and Over

Chapter 3 (19th January 2022)

9. Sunset

10. Only You Know

11. Another Go Around

12. Masquerade

13. Illusion of Forever

Chapter 4 (full album release, 18th February 2022)

14. Finale

15. The Bells

16. Hurts to Love

17. Many Nights

18. Modern Love Stories

Beach House will tour the UK & Europe in Spring 2022, buy tickets here.


heka releases new single “no one”

heka has shared new track “no one” as a part of Fire Talk Records’ imprint label Open Tab new launch singles series which includes the likes of “I Am The Car” by Fake Fruit, “Winter is Over” by Goo, “Spiral in Houston” by Frances Chang, and “Now It’s Gone” by Maria BC.

heka evokes her signature style of melancholic breeziness and comforting beats to a T on “no one”. Her harmonic vocals and minimalist guitar create a soundscape that feels as though you’re floating through a daydream of sound. Never resting on a movement or melody, heka finds new ground at every turn of this track with the only repetition coming from the lyrics of “Nobody ever gets this close anymore”, making their prominence ever more significant.

Speaking about the track heka said:

“The pivoting lyric of this track,’ nobody ever gets this close anymore’, is something someone said to me once. It filled me with sadness even though I couldn’t fully understand the sentiment behind it at the time, and made its way to my brain, clinging to it,waiting to be experienced.Years later – when I’d finally understood what it meant to feel like that- this song was born”

Listen to the new single below!


Momma share new single “Medicine”, sign to Lucky Number

Photo by Cooper Winterson

New York-based four piece Momma have released new single “Medicine“, their first single of the year and first new music since debut album Two Of Me was released last year. The new single also comes alongside the announcement that the band have signed to Lucky Number (HMLTD, Dream Wife, Jay Som).

Combining the melancholy of 90’s grunge through the downbeat riff with elements of indie rock and dream-pop thanks to the doubled-up vocals of Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten. You become lost in the captivating, comforting and subtly alluring sound that the band create. You feel as though you are hooked onto every moment just like the medicine they sing of thanks to the subtle riff changes and melodic sways. Imagine soccer mommy and Nirvana blended into a pill of pure bliss.

Produced and mixed by bassist Aron Kobayashi Ritch, it also marks Momma’s first song demoed and written in New York as a 4-piece of singers/guitarists Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten, bassist Kobayashi Ritch, and drummer Zach CapittiFenton. The band explained: “The two guitar riffs were written by Etta and Allegra about a year before we actually brought it to the full band. When we wrote the first verse, we realised it was one of the first times we couldn’t write about heartbreak – we were both in very loving relationships. We wanted to write about that feeling of just being addicted to someone, and how someone else’s company can really feel like a drug.” 

Listen to the new single below!


Listen to “The Beat” by EERA

Photo by Tobias Humble

Norwegian musician, Anna Lena Bruland, also known as EERA, has just released her newest single “The Beat”, ahead of her second album Speak, due for release 3rd December. The track has a brooding sensuality to its instrumentation, as a high pitched whir plays over an opening bassline.

Describing the track, Bruland says:

“It’s about getting convinced by these voices and these people and thinking that they are right… It’s my way of removing myself from these critics and saying if you can accept me for me then you can join me on my path.”

The song takes a steady rhythm with driving guitars, before breaking down into a gravelly, reverberating explosion, which Bruland describes as “a way of getting all that anger and frustration out and therefore starting afresh.” The sonic switch from a chaotic outburst back into a rhythmic pace shows Bruland’s ability to bounce back from self-doubt. “The Beat” is reminiscent of artists such as Sky Ferreira and Sharon Van Etten in its mysterious, brooding tone and vocal performance. “The Beat” and previous single Ladder are indicative of a rich and interesting second album to come.

Listen to the new single below!


Listen to “2B” by Pearly

Pearly have shared “2B“, their second single of the year following in from “Mellon“. The new single also comes alongside the announcement that the band have signed to Eto Ano records.

“2B” evokes that special kind of nostalgia in you that makes you dive into some of your deepest and happiest memories. The sweeping and glistening acoustics flow by like a breeze on a warm summers evening. “How do you Think for yourself, When she’s calling, When you’re wanting to be, Only you” they sing as they explore the complications of figuring out how to be in an intense relationship whilst staying true to themselves. Pearly continue to captivate in every style they choose to explore and invite you to get lost in the ethereal worlds they create.

Listen to the new single below!


Bleach Lab share new single “Violet Light”

Bleach Lab have today shared “Violet Light“, the latest single from their upcoming EP Nothing Feels Real, out in October. This follows on from previous singles “Real Thing” and “Talk It Out”, released earlier in the year.

The juxtaposition of the upbeat instrumentation and emotionally impactful lyrics perfectly blends together to create the ultimate recipe for a dream pop banger. The subject of the death of bassist Josh Longman’s drives this song, but it’s not longing, rather, accepting. “Passing all his life into violet light / His soul is a ghost / He will follow you anyway” sings vocalist Jenna Kyle, reverberating Longman’s deep feelings with a restrained yet passionate delivery.

Speaking to the song’s emotional subject matter, Longman said:

“During Lockdown I went to live with my mum as otherwise we both would have been on our own. I think the idea to write a song entirely about him came to me during that period as I got to dig out old family photos. 

“I think this track has really helped me overcome a lot of things that maybe I thought I would never talk about. Nothing Feels Real as an EP title definitely is how I’d describe the situation I was in.”

Listen to the new single below!

Mazey Haze releases new single “Always Dancing”

Photo by Renee Meijer

Mazey Haze has shared new single “Always Dancing”, the latest from her upcoming EP of the same name, out October 22nd. This follows on from “Headspin” and “Sad Lonely Groove” released earlier in the year.

“Always Dancing” glistens with a coat of ethereality. Mazey Haze flutters through passages of dream-pop and jangle-pop to immerse you in the shining world she creates. The alluring melodies spin round your head long after the song has finished. “I gotta find my way back” she repeats on the chorus line over a sea of synthesisers, and it’s this sound of inspiration that propels the track to its greatest heights.

Speaking on the release of the new single, Mazey Haze said:

“Always Dancing is a song about having an intervention with yourself after a rough period where lots of things have drastically changed. Trying to figure out what it means that you have been doing and where you want to go (for the first time). Realising you have to adapt to this new situation and wanting to grow with it so you can move forward. Being closed off after giving yourself away too easily, without thinking about it. For me personally, this song is about my first realisation that I can and need to take control over my own life. I was starting to feel quite okay while being alone and started seeing the first bits of light after (what felt like) a long time of darkness.”

Listen to the new single below!

Kills Birds share new single “Glisten”

Kills Birds have shared “Glisten”, the second single from their upcoming sophomore album Married. The single also comes alongside a visualiser Edited by Matthew Ryan Ford from “Rabbit” video outtakes.

Opening with a bass line that could have been plucked straight from the Twin Peaks soundtrack, “Glisten” washes over you like a wave of self-doubt. Singing of deceit and lies, they perfectly capture the agony and anger found when someone you trust abuses their power. You can hear the discourse in vocalist Nina Ljeti’s vocals as she cries “Why don’t you love me!”, the chorus crashing down with a brutal and yet enchanting punch. You become lost in the soundscape one moment and begin head-banging the next.

Vocalist Nina Ljeti says of this single, 

“This song is about loving the wrong people. It was written after I experienced a profound betrayal, at the hands of a person who was unable to take accountability for their actions. The lyrics in the chorus (why don’t you love me) are directed at the person in question. In retrospect, they’re also questions I need to ask myself.”

Listen to the new single below!