The Worst Guys announce debut EP ‘Not So Bad’

The Worst Guys have announced their debut EP, Not So Bad, set to be released on the 11th of December. The new EP will feature 5 new songs, following on from 3 previously released single including “Platform” released earlier in the year. Read our full interview with the Birmingham based hip-hop duo here.

Speaking on the new EP the duo said “Reflecting on our experiences as a group and experiments with different styles with their five track project. Throughout the project, we discusses a range of topics from addressing difficult conversations, on equality and sociopolitical issues in society to the repetitive monotony of lockdown and its effects on mental health. The Worst Guys look to speak out on the pressure of life and seeking freedom from judgment. After releasing 3 singles, we wanted to embark on a new journey of creating a larger project, a new opportunity to discuss different topics and experiment with different sounds. With the first lockdown limiting studio work, we created hundreds of tracks through Facetime calls or long text conversations, carefully collecting ideas and exploring new concepts. Production wise, the EP was an opportunity to reflect on the year and represent these difficult emotions sonically with harsher sounds and tougher drum rhythms”.

Artwork by Isobel Crew


  1. Isolation On The Menu
  2. Bittersweet
  3. YUMAD
  4. More Than Meets The Eye
  5. Never Back Down (N.B.D.)

Phoebe Bridgers announces new ‘Copycat Killer’ EP

Photo by Frank Ockenfels

Phoebe Bridgers has announced a new EP Copycat Killers consisting of re-arranged string and vocal versions of songs of her latest album Punisher, set to be released on November 20th. She also released the ‘Copycat Killer’ version of “Kyoto”. Read why we named Punisher an instant classic here.

On Instagram Bridgers wrote: “Rob Moose and I made an EP of songs from Punisher with just strings and vocals. Our version of Kyoto that Rob says should be played at my funeral is out today, the whole thing is out digitally November 20th, and physically November 27th at Rough Trade. Art by my love Olof Grind.

A vinyl version is available to pre-order from Rough Trade here, limited to 1500 copies as part of their albums of the year list.

Listen to the new version below.


  1. Kyoto (Copycat Killer Version)
  2. Savior Complex (Copycat Killer Version)
  3. Chinese Satellite (Copycat Killer Version)
  4. Punisher (Copycat Killer Version)