Modern Woman share new track “Ford”

Photo by Sandra Ebert

Modern Woman have shared “Ford“, their first new music since the release of the debut EP Dogs Fighting In My Dream. Over angular guitars and pounding drums, lead singer Sophie Harris details the story of a girl borrowing her brothers Ford. “You have to treat her or you’re messing up the outside” she sings with a stern intent as if its the most important instruction you’ll ever hear. The twisting melodies and up and down vocal passages that Harris delivers drive this track to make it both weird and wonderful in every moment, never knowing which path it might take next.

“‘Ford’ has been one of the oldest songs in our repertoire.”, says singer and guitarist Sophie Harris, “I wrote the bassline loop for it a long time ago, one day when I only had a bass to hand. I structured the song and added guitar and simple vocal. I wanted to give it a raw and slightly sinister feel to it. We can spend an incredibly long time working a song in our practise space before we ever play it live, so we wanted to make sure that energy resonated through the recording”

Listen to the new single below!


Lizzie Reid shares new track “Warpaint”

Photo by Matilda Hill Jenkins

Lizzie Reid has shared “Warpaint”, the third single from her upcoming EP Mooching, set to be released on July 27th via sevenfoursevensix. It follows on from “Bible” and “How Do I Show My Love?” released earlier in the year.

Co-written alongside Frightened Rabbit’s Andy Monaghan “Warpaint” is surging with indie delectability, evoking the likes of Angel Olsen’s My Woman through the tremolo-tinged guitars and melody-driven chorus. It’s Reid’s most anthemic track yet and is a feel good ballad for letting go of your anxieties and enjoy right now.

Speaking about the song, Lizzie said:

“‘Warpaint’, to me, is a song that says enjoy today and stop worrying about the details. There are challenges ahead but for now, live in the moment, enjoy making music and go out and experience new things.

Listen to the new single below!


deep tan share new single “beginners’ krav maga”

Photo by Alex Loveless

London-based post punk trio deep tan have shared new single “beginners’ krav maga” via Speedy Wunderground, their first single of the year which follows on from last years “tamu’s yiffing refuge” and their hollow scene EP, both released last year.

A funk-driven riff and tightly shifting drums propel the motion of this track forward, once again following on their minimalistic approach to post-punk; each element weaving over each other with a clockwork motion. “Night time checklist, keys in a fast, in the dark i can’t relax” they sing, detailing the thought process and emotions that all women feel when being outside at night. It’s horrendous and poignant and it’s why this track has so much weight to it when on the surface it may come across as more whimsical in nature. deep tan become brilliant in depth within subtlety.

Speaking about the track the band said:

“beginners’ krav maga” is a response to the idea that womxn should take self defense classes in order to feel safe on the street at night. womxn shouldn’t have to. yet it seems like every day there’s a new sarah everard, sabina nessa or aisling murphy. educate your sons, brothers, guy friends. male violence against womxn is an epidemic and it needs to stop, so we made a pop song to talk about it.

The band have also announced a new UK tour in May supporting independent venues, tickets are available here.

deep tan 2022 tour dates
20 May – Newcastle – Zerox

21 May – Edinburgh – The Great Eastern Festival
22 May – Sheffield – Record Junkee
24 May – Nottingham – Rough Trade
27 May – Leeds – Headrow House

28 May – Manchester – YES (Basement) (Mood Swings)
29 May – Birmingham – Hare & Hounds
1 Jun – London – Venue MOT


Los Bitchos share new single “Good To Go!”

Photo by Tom Mitchell

London-based, pan-continental female instrumental four-piece, Los Bitchos, have shared their latest single and video, “Good To Go!”, taken from their upcoming debut album Let The Festivities Begin!, set to be released on February 4th via City Slang Records. Pre-order here. The new single comes with a video directed by Tom Mitchell and stars Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand.

An ambient jazz chord strike opens the track, with a mood that reminisces in the sounds of Twin Peaks. Shuffling into the band’s known and beloved mix of disco-funk, surf and Turkish-psych, they capture a sound that is both breezy and bold. Listening as you walk down the streets puts a confident strut in your stride that you know is drawing the attention of everybody.

Los Bitchos said the following of the video:

“Trapped in a surreal courtroom gameshow and spinning the wheel of fortune for our freedom. This song has always made us think of a 70s game show with its light, fun mood coupled with an intriguing western style intro. We got all our friends to be our jury and our producer Alex to host/judge the show. We had so much fun making this video.”

Listen to the new single below!


Listen to “The Beat” by EERA

Photo by Tobias Humble

Norwegian musician, Anna Lena Bruland, also known as EERA, has just released her newest single “The Beat”, ahead of her second album Speak, due for release 3rd December. The track has a brooding sensuality to its instrumentation, as a high pitched whir plays over an opening bassline.

Describing the track, Bruland says:

“It’s about getting convinced by these voices and these people and thinking that they are right… It’s my way of removing myself from these critics and saying if you can accept me for me then you can join me on my path.”

The song takes a steady rhythm with driving guitars, before breaking down into a gravelly, reverberating explosion, which Bruland describes as “a way of getting all that anger and frustration out and therefore starting afresh.” The sonic switch from a chaotic outburst back into a rhythmic pace shows Bruland’s ability to bounce back from self-doubt. “The Beat” is reminiscent of artists such as Sky Ferreira and Sharon Van Etten in its mysterious, brooding tone and vocal performance. “The Beat” and previous single Ladder are indicative of a rich and interesting second album to come.

Listen to the new single below!


Francis Of Delerium shares new single “Come Out And Play”

Francis of Delirium, the project of 20-year-old Luxembourg-based Canadian Jana Bahrich, has shared new single “Come Out and Play” along with an accompanying music video animated by Bahrich. This is the latest single since their second EP Wading, released earlier in the year.

Combining elements of shoegaze and metal, Bahrich creates a sound that is both ominous and indulging. You find yourself becoming lost in her transportive soundscapes, both mesmerised and terrified at the same time. Just as you think you’ve found safe passage through the song the dooming chorus kicks in and you’re thrown down into whatever hell Bahrich is summoning.

Of the track, Bahrich said:

“I kept thinking about clowns when making this song, I watched Felini’s ‘8 ½’ and the closing scene where a procession of clowns play in a band stuck with me. I had them in my mind for months, thinking about the way they hid behind painted faces, keeping so much hidden from the audience, and also just how sad they seemed. I wanted this song to feel dark and to have an eeriness that would make sense in the background of some weird art movie about funhouses and carnivals.”

Listen to the new single below!

Boyscouts shares new single “Didn’t I”

Photo by Tonje Thilesen

Boyscouts the songwriting project of Taylor Vick has shared new single “Didn’t I”, the second single from upcoming album Wayfinder, coming on October 1st. Pre-order here. This follows on from “That’s Life Honey” released earlier in the year. The new single also comes accompanied with a music video directed by Lucy Sandler.

Vick questions the world on “Didn’t I”, moments great and small. “I don’t have the answer / I have memories” she says in her opening statement as she tries to find her own way in the world. But for all her contemplation she can never reach a conclusion, “Maybe things are all they seem / Maybe we’re living in someones bad dream”. There’s a brush of suffering and serenity washed over this track. It sways like a boat out at sea, drifting further and further from an answer; yet always shining with natural caustic beauty.

Speaking on the new track Vick said:

“Why are we alive? Is there a point to any of this? Have I done this before? I was thinking about these questions like that, just playing with these ideas and being curious. I lost that curiosity for many years, and it came back to me in the last year. I started to wonder about these types of things again. It feels better to have curiosity for life.”

Listen to the new single below!

IMOGEN releases new single “Lioncub”

IMOGEN has shared new single “Lioncub”, her second single of the year following on from “Bloodbag“.

The new single finds IMOGEN searching for empowerment within herself. Using her voice as the driving voice, IMOGEN evokes deep emotion through her cinematic vibrancy. “When will this end?” she asks as she dives into the chorus, soundtracked by sweeping synthesisers and glistening layers of harmonies.

Speaking on the track IMOGEN said:

“I originally wrote this song at the piano in a Goldsmiths practice room when I had just left Newcastle. I was dealing with conflicting feelings of homesickness, important relationships dissolving, childhood disappearing and entering into what I felt was an identity-less version of myself who didn’t know who, what or where she was meant to be. To me, Lioncub represents a complex self-questioning time between childhood and womanhood and the danger of searching for something that no longer serves you – questioning whether it ever really did – it’s the dangerous side of nostalgia.” 

Listen to the new single below!

Indigo De Souza shares new single “Hold U”

Photo by Charlie Boss

Indigo De Souza has shared “Hold U”, the second single from her upcoming album Any Shape You Take, out August 27th via Saddle Creek.

Clicking drum sequences open the track, backed my minimalistic synthesisers. Bursting out into full blown instrumentation at the minute mark, De Souza showcases her ability to be effervescently cool. Drawing you in with its funky hooks and potent beats, De Souza shines above everything else. Her flutteringly cool vocals enchant and entrance in this summer anthem.

Speaking about the track De Souza said:

“I wanted to write about a really simple kind of love that isn’t necessarily romantic, but that is just about holding space for other people to fully express themselves and to feel celebrated. Just simply seeing someone in their humanity and loving them. We are constantly evolving and we only truly have space to process our lives openly if we feel safe and are encouraged to love ourselves and celebrate our bodies. I am really blessed with the sense of community that I have in my life, and I wanted to highlight that in this video. Community is the purest kind of magic and can heal so much trauma and pain. We all just want to feel truly held by the people around us!”

Listen to the new single below!

Lindsay Munroe shares new single “Weekend Love”

Lindsay Munroe has today shared new single “Weekend Love”, her second single of the year following on from “Need A Ride”. She also released her debut EP Our Heaviness last year that explored her departute from a conservatie Christian church.

Following in a similar vein of thought, “Weekend Love” is an anthem to freedom. Through brash guitars and a driving beat, Munroe invokes the same type of slacker-rock sensibilities as Marika Hackman. It’s immediately captivating with it’s gliding melody and Munroe’s free-flowing storytelling and only keeps drawing you back in.

Speaking of the song, Lindsay said: “’Weekend Love’ reflects on the inherent humour of two quite earnest people trying to embark on a casual relationship. It’s a fun song reflecting a fun time – two people living in different cities, seeing each other for a few days at a time and, for me at least, providing a bit of an escape from weekday life.” 

Listen to the new single below!