Sunken release new single “Show Me Your Mind”

London-based 5 piece Sunken have released new single “Show Me Your Mind” and announced their signing to 7476 (Matt Maltese, Matilda Mann, Lizzie Reid).

There’s an underlying sinisterness to the bands new track that only gets darker as it progresses. With an almost disco-like groove the band create a soundscape that is both funky and uneasy at the same time. It’s only towards the final breakdown of crumbling synths and lead singer Poppy Billingham’s cries that you feel the true catharsis that the band evoke.

Speaking about the new track the band said:

“Show me your mind is about the subtleties of how someone presents themselves to you. It’s easy to know someone on a surface level basis but the more you get to know someone the more your perception of them changes. The subtleties could be anything from how they might change their persona based on who they’re around or being more expressive and opinionated with ease. Sometimes we can get to know someone and how they think about things, and it can either pull you closer to them or make you realise you don’t click”.

Listen to the new single below!

Girl Ray return with new single “Give Me Your Love”

Photo by Alex Cantouris

Girl Ray have returned with new single “Give Me Your Love”, the first single since their debut album Girl released in 2019. The new single was produced by Joe Goddard and Al Doyle from Hot Chip, at Relax and Enjoy, London. The single also comes along with an accompanying music video inspired by “a queer Midsommar Night’s Dream” directed by Alex Cantouris. 

Invoking those summery feel-good sounds, the and create a sound that is both optimistic and joyous. Over its near 8 minute run-time the song evolves through glittery piano chords, funky beats and washed out vocals until it transforms into its festival worthy club-like finish.

Speaking on the new single Poppy Hankin said:

“We worked on this song with Al Doyle and Joe Goddard from Hot Chip in their studio off Brick Lane in London. We had one day left with them, so thought we’d unearth an old demo of a slightly house-leaning song I’d been working on a few months before. It had a really loose structure but the feel of the chords was good so we decided to try fleshing it out. It was a really long day filled with a lot of playing around with the mountains of synths that fill their studio. Sections became longer… steel drums were added (along with some wonky backing vocals) and eventually it started taking shape. With all the awfulness of 2020 in our heads – it was important to us that it sounded optimistic and hopeful; a song for future summers where people can dance and enjoy music together once again.”

Listen to the new single below!

Saint Jude releases new single ‘Altitude’, announces new EP

Saint Jude, the moniker of Jude Woodhead has released his first single of the year “Altitude”. He has also announced his second EP Bodies Of Water, set to be released on April 16th via Slow Dance Records. The new single follows on from “Molina” and “Bodies Of Water” released last year.

On the new single Jude combines jazzy chords and a driving, groove filled beat to create an atmosphere that is hypnotic, enticing and smothered in nostalgia. Reminiscing in those long gone days of spending time with those you care about, Jude gets deeply introspective through a mask of upbeat sonic landscapes.

Speaking about the new single Jude said:

“Altitude” came from a place of solitude and seems somewhat fitting to be released during these current times of widespread isolation. Referencing days ‘spent inside’ and being tormented by a ‘violent moon’ evoke how many of us experience day-to-day life in lockdown, despite being written a few years ago. At the time of writing a lot of my friends had left London, I had come out of a relationship and it seemed like I had lost a bit of the sense of community that I had for the few years before that’