Bleach Lab share new single “Violet Light”

Bleach Lab have today shared “Violet Light“, the latest single from their upcoming EP Nothing Feels Real, out in October. This follows on from previous singles “Real Thing” and “Talk It Out”, released earlier in the year.

The juxtaposition of the upbeat instrumentation and emotionally impactful lyrics perfectly blends together to create the ultimate recipe for a dream pop banger. The subject of the death of bassist Josh Longman’s drives this song, but it’s not longing, rather, accepting. “Passing all his life into violet light / His soul is a ghost / He will follow you anyway” sings vocalist Jenna Kyle, reverberating Longman’s deep feelings with a restrained yet passionate delivery.

Speaking to the song’s emotional subject matter, Longman said:

“During Lockdown I went to live with my mum as otherwise we both would have been on our own. I think the idea to write a song entirely about him came to me during that period as I got to dig out old family photos. 

“I think this track has really helped me overcome a lot of things that maybe I thought I would never talk about. Nothing Feels Real as an EP title definitely is how I’d describe the situation I was in.”

Listen to the new single below!

Mazey Haze releases new single “Always Dancing”

Photo by Renee Meijer

Mazey Haze has shared new single “Always Dancing”, the latest from her upcoming EP of the same name, out October 22nd. This follows on from “Headspin” and “Sad Lonely Groove” released earlier in the year.

“Always Dancing” glistens with a coat of ethereality. Mazey Haze flutters through passages of dream-pop and jangle-pop to immerse you in the shining world she creates. The alluring melodies spin round your head long after the song has finished. “I gotta find my way back” she repeats on the chorus line over a sea of synthesisers, and it’s this sound of inspiration that propels the track to its greatest heights.

Speaking on the release of the new single, Mazey Haze said:

“Always Dancing is a song about having an intervention with yourself after a rough period where lots of things have drastically changed. Trying to figure out what it means that you have been doing and where you want to go (for the first time). Realising you have to adapt to this new situation and wanting to grow with it so you can move forward. Being closed off after giving yourself away too easily, without thinking about it. For me personally, this song is about my first realisation that I can and need to take control over my own life. I was starting to feel quite okay while being alone and started seeing the first bits of light after (what felt like) a long time of darkness.”

Listen to the new single below!

Mazey Haze announces debut EP ‘Always Dancing’, shares new single

Photo by Renee Meijer

Amsterdam-based Mazey Haze, the musical moniker of Nadine Appeldoorn has announced her debut EP Always Dancing out October 22nd via LUSTRE, alongside new single “Headspin”. Pre-order here. This follows on from “Sad Lonely Groove“, released earlier in the year which will also feature on the new EP.

Bringing dream-pop sensibilites, Appeldoorn infuses the mystifying vocal stylings of Beach House’s Victoria Legrand with a pop-fuelled groove that will leave you basking in its glowing rays. The juxtaposition of the upbeat melodies and the lyrics of heartbreak only make the sound more devastating. “I was the one who broke your heart / I’m selfish ‘cause I still look for comfort in your arms” she sings over a sea of jangling guitars and searing synthesisers. It’s hard not to lose yourself in this tracks radiant aura.

Speaking on the release of the new single, she said:

“I wrote “Headspin” in the same period of my life as ‘Sad Lonely Groove’. The song for me was an outlet of my doubts and fears at that time. I broke up with my first ever partner in life and wasn’t sure if I’d done the right thing, because I didn’t know how to take care of myself. I didn’t know who I was on my own. It was very scary and I felt very lonely. The only person I really had was him. I felt a lot of frustration. Some moments I did think it was the right thing because I felt that I couldn’t be there for him, I didn’t feel the same anymore. All these different thoughts were making me tired. It was the first time I let go of someone I cared about a lot. But I couldn’t still fully let him go.”

Listen to the new single below!


1. Sad Lonely Groove
2. Headspin
3. Don’t Care 
4. Start Off Alone
5. Always Dancing