MYtbe releases new single “Moody”

Photo by Henry Ager

South London-based singer MYTBE has shared “moody”, her first new music since last years spill out EP. Not only is the sound of just her vocals and guitar about as intimate as you can get, but her storytelling shares an incredible amount deep emotions as she details how infatuation can often lead to pain. “Call me darling / I know i’m starving for us / Undertow and overflowing with love, real love / It’s too much” she sings with a deep reluctance, knowing that soon this short-lived serenade must come to pass.

Speaking about the track, she said:

“‘moody’ is about the human instinct of wanting to be loved, no matter the circumstance. Craving another’s affection; be it right or wrong. Ignoring all sense and your better judgement, to instead bask in the rose-tinted euphoria of new romance. I wrote this song about a recent brief romance, one which both parties both knew wasn’t going to last forever. Although the end was in sight, I still found myself drunk on affection and willing to overlook the red flags. Inspired by these feelings of blindsidedness, I was keen to capture the foolish notion of loving carelessly.

Listen to the new single below!


Deanna Petcoff shares new single “If You Were Me”

Photo by Nadia Doss

Deanna Petcoff has today shared “If You Were Me“, the latest single from her upcoming debut album To Hell With You, which is due out on April 1st via Royal Mountain Records. Pre-order here.

On “If You Were Me” Petcoff lets all her vulnerabilities go and simply asks to understand why anyone would want to hurt someone the way she was. The way she faces her trauma is what brings the true depth in valiance to this track. There’s a swing that flows like Olivia Rodrigo’s biggest hits and enough dirt infuse that 90’s grunge aesthetic. “And I would not feel responsible for turning you into somebody whose terrified to lose me / no matter what i do” she sings with an aching heart, simply trying to understand why she was treated in such a way.

About the single, Deanna shares:

“This is the oldest song on the record. I started writing this in high school about my partner at the time who was emotionally abusive. I wasn’t able to finish the song once I started it because I didn’t feel safe saying all of these things when I knew he would hear them. My good friend and collaborator Callum Maudsley helped me navigate those waters and come to a message that was clear and relatable to lots of other people; if I were you I would treat me better.”

Listen to the new single below!


deep tan share new single “beginners’ krav maga”

Photo by Alex Loveless

London-based post punk trio deep tan have shared new single “beginners’ krav maga” via Speedy Wunderground, their first single of the year which follows on from last years “tamu’s yiffing refuge” and their hollow scene EP, both released last year.

A funk-driven riff and tightly shifting drums propel the motion of this track forward, once again following on their minimalistic approach to post-punk; each element weaving over each other with a clockwork motion. “Night time checklist, keys in a fast, in the dark i can’t relax” they sing, detailing the thought process and emotions that all women feel when being outside at night. It’s horrendous and poignant and it’s why this track has so much weight to it when on the surface it may come across as more whimsical in nature. deep tan become brilliant in depth within subtlety.

Speaking about the track the band said:

“beginners’ krav maga” is a response to the idea that womxn should take self defense classes in order to feel safe on the street at night. womxn shouldn’t have to. yet it seems like every day there’s a new sarah everard, sabina nessa or aisling murphy. educate your sons, brothers, guy friends. male violence against womxn is an epidemic and it needs to stop, so we made a pop song to talk about it.

The band have also announced a new UK tour in May supporting independent venues, tickets are available here.

deep tan 2022 tour dates
20 May – Newcastle – Zerox

21 May – Edinburgh – The Great Eastern Festival
22 May – Sheffield – Record Junkee
24 May – Nottingham – Rough Trade
27 May – Leeds – Headrow House

28 May – Manchester – YES (Basement) (Mood Swings)
29 May – Birmingham – Hare & Hounds
1 Jun – London – Venue MOT


Ellie Bleach shares new single “Doing Really Well Thanks”

Photo by Brennan Bucannan

Ellie Bleach has today released “Doing Really Well Thanks“, her first single of the year following on from 2020’s “I Thought I Saw You Last Night”. This is also Bleach’s first single to be released via London-based label Sad Club Records.

Bleach perfectly ties together her songwriting wit with her pop-ballad sensibilities on the new track. Allowing the Elton John honky-tonk style beat and melody to drive the track along, she details the struggle of trying to find yourself in a new surrounding whilst being surrounded by people who only want to use you. “Please don’t ask me how I am / I think you knew the answer when you went to kiss my hand” she sings on the chorus line, her sarcasm ringing through with an eye roll strongly inferred. There’s a subtle darkness to Bleach’s sound that adds that extra layer of mystery, staying allusive even when at the forefront. Bleach has embraced the full band feeling and is sounding as powerful as ever because of it.

Speaking on the track Bleach said:

It’s set in the period when I returned to my parents’ suburban home for a few months and felt totally lost. I used to liken the process of finding a job to dating, you’re essentially tricking someone into wanting you, presenting a version of yourself that doesn’t exist and hoping they don’t see through your facade.”

“The reality of being a cold-hearted girlboss type is a lot more depressing than you’d think. Literally everyone is winging it.”

Listen to the new single below!


Ruby Fields shares new single “Bottle’O”

Ruby Fields has shared “Bottle’O”, the second single from upcoming debut album Been Doin’ It For A Bit, out September 24th. This follows on from “Song About A Boy” released earlier in the year.

A reminiscent melody drives this track as Fields strips it down to just her and a piano. “Pull up at the Bottle’O / The lady she wants to know / Why I’ve got my crinkled wallet instead of my licence / I say I lost my wallet / Life’s a bit of a crisis lately” recalls Fields and it’s in these moments of simplicity that she shines brightest. Turning everyday events into moments of glowing beauty.

Speaking of the track Fields said:

“I wrote ‘Bottle’o’ in August 2019 living on the old farm waiting for someone to visit, who never made it,” she recalls of the track’s inception. “Went to the shops, tried to get money out and couldn’t. I didn’t have my ID so I had to use cash and my passport to buy beers. Got home and wrote a pretty ordinary poem about it in my opinion but then I sat at a piano and just took it from there and now it might be my favourite.” 

Listen to the new single below!

Savage Gary (Dan Carey) returns with new collaboration with Georgia, “Nothing To Say”

Photo by Ryan Saradjola

Savage Gary (Dan Carey, label boss and producer of Speedy Wunderground) has shared a new collaboration with Georgia, “Nothing To Say”. It’s the producers 21st release as part of the Quarantine Series that was started last year, which has featured artists such as Kate Tempest and DEWEY. Listen to the full series here.

Mercury nominated for last year’s “Seeking Thrills”, and recently announced as 2021’s ambassador for Love Record Stores, Georgia is a long-term friend of Dan’s, the two of them having played together as bandmates in an early incarnation of Kate Tempest’s live set-up.

The track was mixed by Dan’s 16 year old daughter Orla Carey. Who has previously mixed records for Scottibrains, Goat Girl, Pynch and Girl Ray – proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“Nothing To Say” will see a vinyl release later this year as part of Savage Gary – Quarantine Sampler 3, the third EP to collect what has now been over 12 months of locked-down Wunderground gems from Carey and friends.

Listen to the new track below.

DEWEY releases new single “In Basque Country”, announces new EP

DEWEY has shared new single “In Basque Country”, the first track from her upcoming EP, Sóller, Pt. 2. This follows on from last years Sóller Pt.1 which we listed as part of our Best EP’s of the Year list. Also revisit our interview with DEWEY here to learn about the creation and influence behind the EP’s.

The new single carries DEWEY’s signature ethereal touch throughout. Through glistening synthesisers and dazzling vocal harmonies DEWEY evokes a deep sense of lust for the idea of someone. With a mystifying chorus line that moves in similar fashion to that of Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraser, and a second half dark switch up, the melodies that are layered within will be swirling around your head all week.

Speaking on the new single DEWEY said:

“The single is a musing on the duality of life, and the highs and lows that we endure. I was yearning to be under a big sky surrounded by ancient olive groves and lemon trees, but I would look out my window to a grey, rainy English day. After my friend tragically took her own life I felt overwhelmed with so many questions of morality, and I desperately wanted to be held in a place of warmth and presence one more time.”

DEWEY’s ‘Sóller’ EP tells, in two distinct parts, an extraordinary story of love and loss – of sickness and recovery – from the Brighton-based artist. Co-produced alongside Dan Carey (Fontaines D.C, Bat For Lashes, Black Midi), ‘Pt. 1’ set the sensual allure of the natural world (the project takes its name from its nomadic creation in Mallorca) against an obsession for the wrong (straight) woman: the giddy dance-rush of ‘Is It Infatuation?’ in particular saw DEWEY take her place among the new wave of artists writing the kind of openly-queer heartbreak-bangers they longed to hear, growing up…

‘Sóller, Pt. 2’, meanwhile, embraces the fallout, but also the transformation that can occur within such darkness. During the making of the project, DEWEY was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer (she can be seen clutching her abdomen in the video for ‘Savannah’, and was rushed to hospital the next day to receive her diagnosis). And whilst the songs on ‘Pt. 2’ sometimes soundtrack disillusionment, there is – too – a renewed sense of possibility: to dream ‘In Basque Country’ once more, and to surrender yourself to the ux but also the freedoms of being alive today.

Listen to the new track below.

iogi releases new single “everything’s worth it”

Tel Aviv-based artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, iogi, today shares the title track, everything’s worth it”, along with an accopmanying music video from his forthcoming album out April 9th, 2021 via Raw Tapes Records (co-founded by Stones Throw’s Rejoicer).

The new track washes over you with an almost serene like bliss, as iogi’s falsetto vocals gently sway over the psychedelic synthesisers. The track continues to build through layers of atmospheric guitars and harmonies to reach staggeringly powerful and yet naturally cool heights.

Speaking on the new track iogi said:

“In many ways, ‘everything’s worth it’ is a natural continuation of the songs from the first album (‘the ceiling’) but with a more sober-minded approach. It is also dealing with changes and disbelief within a relationship, any kind of relationship. The outdoor shots of the sun and the moon were shot by Ben Kirschenbaum in the Negev, a desert near the city in the south of Israel where I grew up.”

Listen to the new track below.

Phoebe Bridgers covers John Prine’s “Summer’s End ” and shares new version of “Kyoto” with Jackson Browne

Phoebe Bridgers has shared a cover of John Prine’s “Summer’s End” from his 2018 album The Tree Of Forgiveness with Jackson Browne providing backing vocals. She has also shared a new version of “Kyoto” from Punisher with Maria Taylor. These singles were released for the ‘Spotify Singles’ series in which Bridgers previously released live version of “Scott Street” from her 2017 debut Stranger In The Alps and a cover of The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love”.

Bridgers recently sang on “Favour” from Boygenius bandmate Julien Baker’s new album Little Oblivions.

Listen to the new singles below.

Lucy Dacus releases new single “Thumbs”

Photo by Marin Leong

Lucy Dacus has shared new single “Thumbs”, a live favourite that was originally written in Autumn 2018. The new heartbreaking single features just Dacus’ swaying vocals over a distant synth pad as she tells the story of helping a friend to move on from a past lover. It’s emotionally fuelled and you can feel it in every corner of the song, with Dacus masterfully placing you in that moment with the weight of it all washing over you with the wind samples.

Speaking on the new single Dacus said:

Like most songs I write, I wasn’t expecting it and it made me feel weird, almost sick. It tells the story of a day I had with a friend during our freshman year of college, a significant day, but not one that I had thought of for years. I started playing it live a month or so later during the boygenius tour after Phoebe and Julien encouraged me to. I knew I wanted a long time to get used to playing it since it made me feel shaky, so I ended sets with it for about half the shows I played in 2019. Before I played it, I would ask the audience to please not record it, a request that seems to have been respected, which I’m grateful for.

Listen to the new song below.