Mumble Tide share new single “Noodle”

Mumble Tide have shared “Noodle“, the last single from their upcoming mini-album Everything Ugly, set to be released on December 3rd via Nothing Fancy. Pre-order here. The new single follows on from “Sucker“, “Breakfast” and “On My Deathbed“, all released earlier in the year and will feature on the upcoming mini-album.

The band take no time in erupting into a chugging motion on “Noodle”. The intense driving beat and staccato style instrumentation propel keep the track’s drive feel like an unrelenting wave of emotion throughout. Born from a place of insecurities, lyrically this track focuses on the feeling of not being enough. “All my sorry’s are falling back in through the cracks and I cant stop going around my skull, my squidgy squidgy brain”, sings lead singer Gina as she become stuck in the pool of her own self-doubt. There’s a fluidity to her singing that feels as though you’ve been dropped into her head, each new lyrical line the next thought that passes through her synapses. Mumble Tide have conquered the sad-ballad, now they prove that the groove-filled, chaos inducing anthem is their latest feat to achieve seemingly effortlessly.

Speaking to the song, Gina said:

“During the last string of gigs we played, I told the audiences that this song was solely written and inspired by my neck (which Ryan reckons is abnormally long and has adopted ‘Noodle’ as a kind of pet name) but really there’s a bit more going on.
I think in life, I have a tendency to pick things apart until they’re a bit of a mess and Noodle paints an accurate picture of my heavily conflicted and rather ridiculous thought patterns. I guess it’s for people that don’t find it easy to relax and just be happy in themselves and where they’re at. There’s still a good dose of fun and silliness in there though, and a healthy awareness of the fact I tend to twist things way out of shape”.

Listen to the new single below!