Lindsay Munroe releases Softest Edge EP

Lindsay Munroe has today released Softest Edge, her new EP alongside the title track “Softest Edge” as a single. The new EP follows on from previously released singles “Hornets” and “Weekend Love“.

The EP formed out of the fallout of two intertwined relationships within Munroes life, one with the conservative Christian church and the other with a long-term partner. Throughout the EP she explores how breaking away from both of those factors allowed Munroe to become the person she is today. Soundtracked by sweeping synthesisers on “Softest Edge” and intimate lo-fi guitars on “Andrew” she goes through to motions of love and longing, all whilst keeping a finesse of serenity over the whole project. She explodes with confidence and conviction and feels as though she’s truly come into here own not only with her songwriting but her sound as an artist.

Speaking about the title track, Munroe said:

“When two formative relationships like this come to an end, it does change your outlook. This song was me beginning to reach the other side of that and realising that I had a new uncompromising strength that I didn’t have before”.

Listen to the EP below!


Lindsay Munroe announces new EP ‘Softest Edge’, shares new single

Photo by Billie H

Lindsay Munroe has today announced Softest Edge, her second EP set to be released on November 9th. Pre-order here. She has also shared “Parallel“, her most pop-sounding outing to date and we’re here for it. Its infectious groove and pumping synthesisers form the perfect backing for Munroe’s outburst of joy as she realises the improvement in her quality of life. The new single is the latest from her EP which follows on from “Hornets” and “Weekend Love” released earlier in the year.

Speaking about the new single, Munroe said:

“For a long time I’ve wanted to write a love song for my best friend. I wrote it last summer when she was still working on the Covid intensive care unit and having an absolutely awful time. Writing a song felt like a bit of a silly thing to do but it’s what I could do.

“I’ve always thought that it’s mad that our culture places so much value on romantic couplings. There’s no doubt in my mind that when I’m an old woman looking back on the big love stories of my life it will be my friends who fill my mind.”

Listen to the new single below!


A press release said about the new EP:

Whilst Munroe’s debut EP, Our Heaviness, centred on her divorce from a conservative church, its follow-up finds her thriving in her newfound independence, taking control of her sexuality and defining her own boundaries. It’s given rise to the fiercely independent, and cheeky songwriter that stands in front of us today.


  1. Softest Edge
  2. Andrew
  3. Need A Ride
  4. Parallel